Telemundo brings back Herederos del Monte heart throbs in Corazón Valiente

If you had a thing for José (played by José Luis Reséndez), and/or Gaspar (played by Fabián Ríos) in Telemundo’s novela, Herederos del Monte, then prepare yourself… Telemundo has brought both actors back in their new telenovela, Corazón Valiente.

Fabián Ríos as Willy del Castillo

José Luis Reséndez as Juan Carlos Arroyo

Here’s two promos, one featuring José who plays a character named Juan Marcos Arroyo and the second one features Fabián playing the part of Willy del Castillo.

Watch Corazón Valiente, weeknights at 9pm starting March 6th, 2012. Not fluent in Spanish? English subtitles will be available in closed captioning options. For more information visit or follow @CValienteTV on Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Telemundo brings back Herederos del Monte heart throbs in Corazón Valiente

    • Remember during Herederos del Monte I had difficulty choosing a favorite guy? … Bueno, not a problem this time. Estoy completamente de acuerdo, amiga. Fabian Rios hands down. Shame on us for liking the naughty boy jajaja.

    • Me gusta samy ydel Castillo hacen una bonita pareja,y q me dices de faviola y Miguel esos SE la pasan besandoce todo el tiempo Pero se ven bellos, los adoro Lucy

  1. I wanna watch the lelenovels Los Herederos De Monte again because it is a romantic show and because puala and juan make a good coupli in real life too!!!

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