Nyan Cat aka Pop Tart Cat

My 10 year old recently discovered “Nyan Cat” – also known as, “Pop Tart Cat.”

Nyan Cat aka Pop Tart Cat, created by illustrator Chris Torres

He likes cats and weirdness, so he became a little obsessed. Soon he was playing Nyan Cat games and watching Nyan Cat videos.

The other day, while seeking more Nyan Cat thrills, he came upon the Mexican Nyan Cat.

“Do you like it, Mommy?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s cute,” I said.

“Do you want a Salvadoran Nyan Cat? I’ll find you one!”

I explained to him that because Mexicans are the dominant Latino population in the United States, a Salvadoran Nyan Cat wouldn’t exist, but I appreciated his thoughtfulness. Minutes later he called me back to the computer.

“If I found a Salvadoran Nyan Cat would you want to blog it?”
“Sure, but honey, I already told you——”


  1. Hilarious! I think your 10 year old has your gift of finding cyber-info! So helpful for the blog too! Happy fin de semana :)

  2. I LOVE NYAN CAT! So much so, that I even made the Nyan Cat my ringtone, alarm and anything that requires noise. I’ve pretty much driven my family up the wall with the “nyan, nyan, nyah!”. Your son has earned major cool points with me :)

  3. Hahahaha! Is that a pupusa?! That is awesome. I also think it’s hilarious that US = pop tart. Mexico = taco. El Salvador = pupusa. Can your son find me a Guatemalan Nyan Cat?

    • It is a pupusa! LOL… I looked and looked for a Guatemalan Nyan Cat and couldn’t find one. I’ll have to put my 10 year old on the job.

      What do you think a Guatemalan Nyan Cat would look like? If I’m bored one day, I might make it happen. jajaja

  4. jajaja i’m annoyed by the freakin’ Nyan Cat… Julian knows how to go to youtube and watches these videos over and over again :S

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