Agua Con – Water, Latino-style

Agua Con - flavored water

Agua Con sent me a box of their newly launched line of flavored waters to try. The box arrived at our door just as we sat down to lunch so I wanted to try them right away but I discovered it’s really important to drink these very cold or the flavor isn’t as good.

Here are some super chévere things about Agua Con:

• The flavors right now include: Piña y Coco, Guayava, Lima y Limón and Horchata.
• Agua Con has zero calories.
• Agua Con has no sugar or artificial sweeteners.
• Ingredients include: Filtered Water, Natural Flavors, Ascorbic Acid and Stevia.
• Agua Con is a product of the USA and they’re based out of Los Angeles.
• Agua Con contains no preservatives and no sodium.

Hours later, I gave them another try and after sampling each, the entire family agreed that Guayava and Lima y Limón are the standouts. I would have bet a million dollars that Horchata would be my favorite, but I guess I love real horchata so much that horchata-flavored water can’t quite do it for me – Each time I try it, it does grow on me though. (I desperately want to love it because drinking horchata-flavored water instead of real horchata all the time would be better for my health.)

Over all, I think it’s a genius idea and I wish Agua Con a lot of luck.

Find out more about the company and where you can buy your own at their website, or by connecting with them on Twitter or Facebook.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I received Agua Con products to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

9 thoughts on “Agua Con – Water, Latino-style

  1. I had to Google Horchata. Cinnamon Rice milk? Weirdness! LOL!

    I’ve tried Stevia as a sweetener. I find it leaves a similar aftertaste as aspartame, which grosses me out. I much prefer regular old sugar. :)

  2. Love the idea!! My first grab would be for the Lima y Limon, as I love Limon anything! And my last would be for the Horchata …..1) The real thing is too good to mess with, and 2) fruit and water mix excellently together, maybe not so much cinnamon and water…..just my tastebuds talking here.

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