Cascarones vs. Easter Eggs

The first year we made cascarones, I didn’t have any dye so I tried to decorate the entire egg with colored tissue paper and glue. It was messy and they didn’t turn out very pretty, so this year I decided to do it the right way and dye the eggs. I bought your typical $1 kit with colored tablets for egg-dyeing at Easter time – a package that is familiar to me from childhood. However, because these kits are meant for American-style Easter eggs, they come with additional items you don’t need for cascarones which apparently perplexed my 10 year old.

Him: What are these for? [picking up stickers and cardboard egg holders]

Me: We don’t need those. Those are for making American Easter eggs.

Him: You put stickers and these thingies on them before you break them on someone’s head?

Me: No, [laughing] You leave the egg in the shell and cook them – you know hard boiled eggs?

Him: [nods]

Me: Then you dye them, put stickers on them, and these little cardboard thingies are so you can display them until you eat them.

Him: You eat them?! That’s weird!

It kind of boggles my mind that my 10 year old couldn’t remember what regular Easter eggs are – I mean, I made them with them before? When they were little? In the past? Didn’t I?… I don’t remember anymore. Apparently, in recent years I’ve done such a good job of teaching the boys Latin American culture that I now need to step it up with showing them Anglo-American traditions from my own childhood.


  1. Nadie me cree cuando les digo q asi es como se hacen los huevos en El Salvador!
    But I remember we usually made them for Ash Wednesday.
    I made them with my daughters when they were kids; It is a beautifl tradition to pass on as kids love to make a mess and is fun to watch them chase each other trying to bust the eggs on each other heades. I will like to see how our kids will blend both Latino and Anglo American versions.!

    • There’s an idea – blending traditions. We could hard boil eggs, dye them, smash them open on people’s heads and then eat them? Jajajaja ;)

  2. We grew up here, but we never decorated our eggs the “American” way. We always went the dying our eggs, stuffing them with confetti and cracking them on each other’s heads route. I’ve seen the other decorations, but they were always confusing to me too!

  3. We do both in our household! I grew up with the dyed Easter eggs with the hard-boiled egg inside. My husband grew up with the carcarones. Double the fun!

  4. I think if I tried to make these, it would end badly. I buy ours at a local Mexican store. Last year my brother put one on his head and my cousin shot it off with a blow gun. I still have the video I think…….. Then I threw a bunch at my aunt’s house and left a sign that said ‘You’ve been egged’.

  5. hahahaha my thought was exactly the same as your 10 yr old sons… You eat them?!?!!?!? WEIRD?!!!! (Im 25 btw…lol) hahahaahaha,the times my mom made them with us, siempre fue con confeti inside.. the way you guys make them..and everyone around us did the same. About 2 yrs ago, the last time we did play con huevos, it was with my Bf and his family… (Turkish-Armenian) Y ellos tenian huevos duros… pintados y todo…. y luego los pelaron y se los comieron.. oferring me some and would not take no for an answer… hahahaha I had to eat ONE. so cuando lo tenia en la mano lo miraba como que si era algo de otro mundo. hahahahaha todos se reian and thought it was funny that i was like “I have to eat this?!?!!?” Pero lo que me confudia es que tiene pintura Y pense ke en lo ke se cocina deplano que la pintura le entro al huevo. of course, me dijieron ke se cocinanan primero y despues se pintan!! Duh right!?!?! hahahahaah

    Pienso que los cascarones are better…. jajajajaa. they are more fun… Im ok with boiling the eggs and perhaps poniendole stickers, but painting something I will eat… is…. idk… weird.

  6. i grew up not making Easter eggs. i still do now know what eggs have to do with a bunny =) I did start making the american version with my kiddos but last year i made cascarones (more fun)!! We had fun popping them on each other. (IDK what the point of that was either) lol I do know it is fun starting new traditions with he kiddos!

  7. Cascarones are WAY funner than the American version. If I had to choose between the two… Cascarones would win every time! Now that I know of this tradition I think we will be seeing many cascarones from now on. Besides, our house is the cool house where you can go and smash eggs on each other! Hahaha! All the neighborhood boys want to come over and smash eggs vs. eat eggs…

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