My First Spanish Freudian Slip

I began learning Spanish over twenty years ago and while I’ve made, (and continue to make), plenty of grammatical mistakes, I have never had a Freudian Slip until yesterday – This makes me wonder if Freudian Slips are actually a sign of better fluency – something that the brain isn’t capable of doing when one doesn’t speak a language well enough?

So this is what happened – Carlos and I are in the car and I pop in a Pitbull CD. We’re listening to the song “Maldito Alcohol” and, as is my habit, I begin to sing along. I’ve heard this song a hundred times and know the lyrics well, but this time I slipped up.

(A little background – I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately and as a result I’m often feeling hungry.)

Now, back to the car and me singing along. I sing:

“Vamos pa’ la, pa’ la, pa’ la pa’ la discoteca…Vamos pa’ la, pa’ la, pa’ la pa’ la discoteca,” so far so good…

…and then, the slip up: “Yo no quiero agua, yo quiero comida.”


  1. Love it! I agree with you. I had a friend who used to tell me that he knew I was officially fluent in English because I had begun to butcher the language. All I said was ¨shoot me an email¨.

  2. Those slips actually have a name? hahahahahaha. Now i feel normal. Me pasa mas de lo normal digo yo, pero i feel better cus theres a name for it. LOL

    • Are you kidding me, Ezzy?! You’ve never listened to Pitbull?… I didn’t think anyone on Earth existed that hadn’t listened to him by now LOL.

      Fair warning – I love his music, but the lyrics can be very demeaning to women. It sucks because he has so much talent for making catchy songs with creative rhymes, and he has tons of charisma – but the constant objectification of women thing upsets me.

      • Good thing is that I understand few song lyrics. Is it just me or do all the words just blend together? I’m sure I’ve been “exposed” to him without even knowing it. This song, though, completely foreign to me. : )

      • Ezzy, I imagine you’ve heard this song a zillion times and just didn’t realize who it was:

        As for the words blending together…Not for me, (sometimes I think I understand song lyrics better than regular conversation – just how my mind works) – although his Spanish is definitely very Cuban and he “loses” parts of words sometimes LOL.

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