The bilingual Latinos For Obama website has launched and I have to say, it’s pretty chévere.

From the slogan/logo:

To some of the merchandise:

To the way President Obama pronounces the word “Latino”:

Es obvio que the Obama campaign knows what gente like.


    • OMG, I hadn’t. LOVE. lol… I don’t know if I’m brave enough to put one on my car though. It’s like making yourself a double target – Democrat voting *and* Latino. jajaja I can’t afford property damage to my car. It was bad enough people kept ripping down my signs last election.

      • Oh no… Are you serious?! That sucks. Yeah, I had an Obama sticker on my car and the looks alone said plenty.

  1. Obama is such a race-baiting liar. Obama uses Latinos to race-bait and use them for their votes only. Democrat majorities and no dream act??!!! The dream act couldn’t get passed with democrats controlling every branch of the government!!! Hispanics would be stupid, stupid, and stupid to support obama again.
    The SB1070 passed by Arizona is just an enforcement of federal law but Obama has called it “racial profiling”… Then Obama, being the man who oversees the federal law, has not called for the repeal of federal immigration laws so Obama supports racial profiling among Hispanics by his own standards… am I wrong on this?
    Also of note, Hispanics have 11% unemployment rate under Obama!!!!!

    Fool me once, shame on you!!!… Obama!!! There is NO way you’re going to fool me twice!!!… And I am not alone in this position!!!

    Latinaish… Give me ONE single good credible reason to support this liar again… and don’t tell me: “because he is black”…

    Latinos would be the dumbest of the dumb to support obama again… I will go back to Mexico before I’ll vote for obama again… Big mistake… HUGE!!!!…

    [rest of comment deleted by Latinaish.com]

    • Hi Beto. I deleted the end of your comment with video links becasue although I don’t mind discussion on my blog, even when the thoughts are contrary to mine, I invest money and time into Latinaish.com – At the end of the day, it’s my space and if the videos you linked are not something I want in my space – then it’s my choice to remove them. If the videos are that special to you or you have a message you want to get out to the world, you can always open up your own blog.

      As for why you should vote for Obama. First of all, I think that saying, “Give me ONE single good credible reason to support this liar again… and don’t tell me: “because he is black”…” is offensive and ridiculous. I don’t vote for people based on skin color or ethnicity and I don’t encourage anyone else to.

      I voted for Obama and will vote for him again because I think he is the best candidate and most of his stances on issues fall into line with mine. I don’t even vote for him simply because he’s a Democrat — I am a registered Independent and I really hate the 2 party system that causes people to vote along party lines.

      I vote for President Obama because he has a refreshing view of the world not usually seen in political candidates, he has traveled and lived in other cultures and believes in the importance of being bilingual. It’s important to me to have a president who see’s our connection to other nations and realizes the consequences of behaving arrogantly as a country, (and there are severe consequences as we’ve seen.)

      While I will admit disappointment and even anger that promised immigration reform was not passed, (and believe me, I went to D.C. and protested so this is an issue that is important to me too… https://latinaish.com/2010/03/22/what-do-we-want-immigration-reform-when-do-we-want-it-now/ …), I am willing to bet that Pres. Obama will get things done 2nd term. First of all, why would I vote for someone who is anti-immigration reform? There’s no hope to get anything from them. At least Obama says he is pro-immigration reform – that’s a start, but next we need to see action that is in line with his public stance. Pres. Obama, to the disappointment of many of his constituents, has played it safe his first term on some of these controversial issues. He didn’t go in there and boldly “change Washington” as he promised — but what would prevent him from doing it 2nd term when there’s no election to win? … He’s playing the game of politics – sometimes one has to, I imagine.

      I also believe in Healthcare Reform which he has been working on and I would never vote for anyone who wants to repeal the progress that has been made — progress that affects me personally and gives my family a better quality of life.

      I like Michelle Obama’s efforts to educate families on being active and healthy. She is getting to the root of a very expensive problem. By teaching children to be healthy, we could have a generation who requires less medical care and won’t put such a strain on the medical system as we have now. Very smart.

      Pres. Obama has passed some amazing legislation – way too many to list here, so here’s a video and a link:


      You asked for one reason to vote for Obama, if you count everything in the video and link, I’ve given you probably more than a hundred.

      • Hola Tracy
        De tu video, pues mira quien lo dice MSNBC, la verdad yo no les creo a ellos nada.
        Ahora ponme un video donde digan todo lo negativo de lo que mencionan y de lo que no mencionan, ellos solo dicen lo que les conviene, si Obama es tan bueno, entonces por que yo y mi familia estamos peor que hace 3 años? disculpame pero hay muchisimas cosas negativas de Obama y solo unas poquitas positivas, la cosa mas grande nagativa es que ha endeudado el pais como ningun otro presidente lo habia hecho, yo se que Bush lo hizo algo tambien, pero por eso votamos por el cambio, para que ya no lo hicieran mas y el resulto aun mucho peor, yo estoy mucho mas mal con Obama que con Bush, no tengo clientes en mi negocio, si hay clientes pero no traen dinero, estan quebrados como yo, asi para que los quiero? la gasolina esta muchisimo mas cara que con Bush, la electricidad tambien… porque en el video los de MSNBC no mencionan eso? pues porque son paleros de Obama, ahora si quiero cambio de verdad, que se vaya Obama… es ave de mal aguero.


  2. My only frustration with Obama has been the record-setting rate of deportations during each year of his term so far. As a Latina, and as someone with many ‘deportable’ family members and friends, I am alarmed by the nationwide raids a few weeks ago. After all the talk of focusing only on criminals, the raids also targeted ‘people who have been deported”. Here is a link to the story:

    I don’t want to be a single-issue voter. I certainly don’t want to vote for Romney. You were lucky to meet and marry Carlos when things were simpler and he could change his status here. But for many of us, that is a dream almost impossible to achieve and we feel that Obama has let us down. The situation has gotten more precarious and we are looking at a life spent apart, or outside of the US to be together. Immigration has become the single most important issue to us, because it will determine much of our future.

    I do think that we should vote for Obama. But I think that he needs to hear a clear message from our community that we are extremely dissatisfied with what has happened so far in regards to immigration.

    • Graciela – I agree with you 100% … Believe me, the “honeymoon” is over between many of us and President Obama. We like him, we will still vote for him, but many of us, on this particular issue, are angry, hurt, disappointed, disillusioned, etc. I can’t understand how he could be Commander in Chief at a time in our nation’s history that has the highest rate of deportation when, as you said, he has talked about focusing on criminals and not tearing families apart. I would like to hear his answer on this. For many people I know, even an apology at this point isn’t enough – Their husbands have been deported and they either remain here with the children or have gone to reunite, to live in Mexico, El Salvador, or wherever their husband was from, bringing their English-speaking US Citizen children with them.

      I can’t imagine being in that situation – being forced to choose one’s country and everything they’re accustomed to, or the person they love.

      I wrote this piece months ago, and I hope that the President had the opportunity to read it: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2011/08/25/opinion-halt-to-deportations-too-little-too-late/

      I hope that 2nd term things will change, but as I say in the article, too little too late for those who have already suffered through deportation, been torn from family, etc. and now would be ineligible for any sort of amnesty or path to citizenship.

    • Obama is lying, don’t pay attention to what he says, pay attention to what he does, he says one thing and he turns around and do the total opposite, think about this, will you prize a lying and cheating husband that is being cheating and lying to you for 4 years? Will you really? I don’t think so, I wouldn’t; and then why would you prize with 4 more years a cheating and lying president? Why? It doesn’t make sense. I will tell you my experience on this topic; I have been married twice in my life to two different cheating and lying wifes, when you go through situations like these, after the relationship is over, you discover that the cheating and lying person was doing it since day one, that person was always cheating and lying, that was his or her character, I tell you all one thing, It cost me almost my life to learn that a person that is not worthy the day one is not going to be worthy the last day (Si el o ella no vale la pena ahora, el o ella no valdrá la pena en un año o en 10 o en 25 años; déjalo ir… ), because he or she was never worthy, that’s their character, they will be liars and cheaters till the day they die, that’s the way they operate, that’s the way they been doing it through out their entire life, if Obama gets elected again, he will not care for anybody, what for? He can not be punish in anyway possible, he got our vote already, just give me one reason why he will care for the Latinos or blacks or whomever, why he did not fix the immigration problem before the healthcare issue, because he does not want to do it, that’s why, I know the immigration problem was a lot bigger, why he addressed the other one first? after fixing the immigration problem first, he would have all our unconditional support, he would been invincible after that, “bullet proof” if you will, but not, he did not do it, so he needs to be punished, he lie to us the Latino community and that have a cost, I do not prize liars and cheaters, I punish them, so, in the next elections I will vote for any other candidate, I don’t care who he is, he can not be any worse than this liar and cheater, and I don’t care who he is because I’m not voting for him because I like him, I’m voting for him because I’m voting against Obama, that’s why. We as Latino community need to send a message to these corrupted politicians that they can not lie and cheat on us that easy, if you do it you pay big for it, that way the next one that comes along he or she knows that we do not play their game, they need to learn to play our game our way if they want our vote, we need to do this now while our vote has some value, ¿O que? ¿Nos la vamos a tragar siempre así como nos la den? A mi ya me cansaron que me estén dando atole con el dedo… and I don’t think that the republicans are as bad as the democrats say they are, after all, back in 1986 it was a republican president (Reagan) who granted amnesty to millions and millions of Latinos, so why are we so scared of republicans? They need us too; they know they need to buy Latino hearts and minds somehow, they are going to need us again for the re-election and they will know that Obama lost because he lie to us, I don’t think they will do the same mistake, they know better…
      Saludos and think about it more than twice…

      • Hi Beto. Thanks for keeping your comment respectful even though we have a very strong difference of opinion.

        Not voting for a politician because they didn’t keep all their promises is a very idealistic thing to do. I don’t disagree with you – it’s true – if we had a ‘no tolerance’ policy on broken promises and lies from politicians by refusing to re-elect them, this problem would possibly not be as common; however, not enough people think as you do and so it has no effect.

        I’m not going to try to convince you to vote for Obama – you’ve obviously made up your mind, but I can also tell you that there’s no way you’ll convince me *not* to vote for Obama. The Republican candidates are so contrary to everything I believe that I find them viscerally offensive.

        Unfortunately, voting for a political candidate is a gamble. I put my money on Obama and I’m sticking with him. Only time will tell if I’ve made the right choice. I sincerely hope Pres. Obama proves you wrong – and in a strange way, I guess you hope he proves you wrong as well.

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