Fun for Niños at McDonald’s Fútbol Clinic

Yesterday we were invited to take part in a soccer clinic organized by McDonald’s which took place at Soccerdome in Landover, Maryland. At the soccer clinic, the kids were given a free uniform and tickets for the US vs. Brazil game later this evening at FedEx field. Chévere, right?

El Zol 107.9 FM was there playing music and getting the kids hyped up and they also introduced special guest, Ronald McDonald, the clown. This freaked me out and I made sure to keep my distance, (es nada personal against Ronald – all payasos make me uncomfortable)- however the niños seemed to have fun with him.

At some point, Carlos and I, as well as our 10 year old, were interviewed by Telemundo. I have no idea when and where they’ll use the videos, if they choose to use them. I say “if they choose to use them” because the questions were in Spanish, por supuesto, and I’m sure el chiquito and I made more than a couple grammatical mistakes, besides just being very self-conscious in front of the camera. Carlos was more comfortable than us but even he got a little nervous. Anyway, it was further confirmation that I’m a writer for a reason.

As for the actual clinic – it was a lot of fun. For several hours the kids played fútbol and other games, did drills and were instructed on how to improve their technique by friendly coaches. McDonald’s is often the target of criticism from health advocates and while I don’t disagree with a lot of common discussion on the topic, I think that when a company does something good, that should be recognized. McDonald’s does a lot of good things, the most well-known being Ronald McDonald House Charities – but these sports clinics are also really great healthy initiatives that should be praised. It was fantastic to see all the kids running around getting exercise and I noted that McDonald’s provided the kids with 100% juice rather than soda.

The best part of the event was that 22 of the children were chosen as escorts to walk players of the National US Soccer Team onto the field and stand with them during the anthems at tonight’s game – My 10 year old is going to be one of those kids and I’m sure this will be an experience he’ll never forget.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. We were invited by McDonald’s to the soccer clinic and given tickets to the game. No compensation was received in exchange for this post and as always all opinions are my own.

48 thoughts on “Fun for Niños at McDonald’s Fútbol Clinic

  1. Wow! What a fun experience for your son!! I know you all will have a great time at the game! (And what a great video…I’ve got to try that sometime with my own pictures.)

  2. I think this is so very cool and what a wonderful experience for your family! McDonald’s does have some great charitable efforts, and this soccer clinic initiative is brand new to me; I didn’t know about it! Seems very cool and congrats to your niño for being chosen. I’m sure he’s SUPER excited! Have a great time!

  3. Not sure if my comment went through…sorry for the repeat if so. :-P I had said…

    How very cool and what a wonderful experience for your family! McDonald’s does have great charitable efforts and this soccer clinic initiative is a new one for me; I had never heard of it! Congrats to your niño on being chosen. I’m sure he’s SUPER excited. Have a great time!

  4. Oh my goodness I am so jealous that he gets to be an escort! That is so awesome! THey are some cutie boys the american team!

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  6. Wauhhhhhh I am sure was a great experience for your family but I would love to ask you please where can I get information about this free clinic in new york thank

  7. Quisiera saber mas acerca de los dias de kids clinic en New Jerse, condado Berge. Mi hijo tiene 8 años de edad y le facina el futbol (soccer) por favor hagan algunos dias de kids clinic aca en nuestraarea. Por favor avisenme que estamos muy interesados. Y mil gracias por preocuparse siempre por nuestros niños.
    Cecilia Ponce

  8. Hola quisieta saber hacerca de las clinicas de Fútbol soccer De McDonald tengo un hijo de 10anos de edad y le encanta el Fútbol espero noticias

  9. Quiero saber cuando y donde habra una kids ckinic en california, cerca de los Angeles! Ya que tengo un hijo de 8 años Quien le fascina el soccer. Gracias, Miley Veliz.

  10. How can I get my grandson enrolled in this team, he is five years old and will turn six in June.
    He played in first level at Freedom Center in Manassas, VA please let me know how can I do this you can send me an email with any information.

  11. Hola mi nombre es gerardo y kisiera saber si tienen una escuela de futbol en kansas cyty ks o un estado cercas de kansas mi hijo tiene 6 anos y le gusta muncho el futbol o como me comunico con ustedes para prugunterles mi # tel es el 913 231 03 17 gracis y hojala me puedan ayudar

  12. Kiero incribir ami hijo jayden. Alvarez tiene 6 a~os y kiero saber donde keda las clu.icas de socer please mi # de cel es 323 667 4119

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  14. Hola quisiera saber como puedo inscribir a mi hijo para las clínicas de fútbol esperare en mi correo respuesta gracias 😊

  15. I’m interested in putting my son into the soccer clinic .. Can you please provide me with more information .. Thank u

  16. como puedo meter a mi hijo a la escuela de fútbol vivo en Miami florida megustaria tener más informasion para suscrivirlo crasias

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