How El Salvador Changed Coca-Cola & Maybe the Whole World

Image source: Jesse Michael Nix



This article was written in June 2012. At the time many news outlets and websites reported on the video below. In July 2012 Coca-Cola released a statement that they are actually NOT responsible for the video below and they have not created these biodegradable Coca-Cola shaped bags. It’s a great video and a great idea – but unfortunately it’s not true. For more information about this hoax – click HERE.


In El Salvador many thirsty people on the streets ask for their soda to go, not in a bottle, can or even in a cup – but in a plastic bag with a straw. “Soda en bolsa” is simply cheaper, (an explanation as to why in a video below.)

Well, obviously Coca-Cola cares deeply about its branding and part of their branding is that well-known curvy shaped bottle which sets them apart from other carbonated drinks – But how can Coca-Cola make sure they retain that familiar symbol when everyone is drinking out of bags?

Genius marketing, that’s how.

Coca-Cola created a curvy shaped biodegradable bag available not only in El Salvador, but in other countries as well. Chécalo!

11 thoughts on “How El Salvador Changed Coca-Cola & Maybe the Whole World

  1. NO WAY! This is so cool. I used to drink out of bags in Thailand all the time. People thought I was weird when I got back, but it was so much more useful to have a bag of soda when riding your bike in Bangkok and not a bottle.

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  3. So cool! I love it when companies pay attention to what is happening with consumers, and then cater to them. Of course, the down side is that they overcharge because of the branding, but still…very cool of them to do this!

    • Hi Jose. Thanks for the link. As you can see by the date on this blog post, I shared about this video in June of 2012. It seems Coca-Cola did not put out the statement that it was not involved with it until July 2012. I try to be careful about researching anything I share but at the time there was nothing anywhere stating that this video was not to be believed and it was shared by many websites at the time that I considered credible. I have updated the post.

    • Hi Stefany! Yes, you’re 100% correct that El Salvador serves soda in plastic bags (I even have a photo of my husband drinking one somewhere here on my blog), that part is true.

      The part that ISN’T true is that Coca-Cola designed curvy bottle-shaped biodegradable bags to maintain their brand name, etc. The video in this post was not created by Coca-Cola as many people thought several years ago when it first came out online.

      Hope that helps clear up any confusion!

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