Please refrain from throwing tortas at Chicharito

I didn’t think I’d be making a public service announcement today regarding the El Salvador vs. Mexico game, but a conversation with a friend this morning made me realize there are some issues that should be discussed, and if this helps change the behavior of even one person, pues, vale la pena.

Okay, guanacos, you know I love you all con todo mi corazón, right? You know I’m cheering for La Selecta in tonight’s game against Mexico, even though I also cheer for El Tri when they don’t play El Salvador. I’m aware that you guys have issues with each other and that Mexico can be equally disrespectful when El Salvador plays on their turf, (yes, I remember las abejas en la porteria), but where does it end, hermanos?

If Salvadorans are disrespectful to the Mexican team and Mexicans are disrespectful to the Salvadoran team, the cycle will continue to repeat itself. Look, I know it’s difficult. I have two sisters and when we’d get into a slap fight, we would keep slapping each other back and forth – always wanting to be the one to get the last slap in. Usually at some point I would slap my sister and run off until she forgot to slap me back later… (“Haha! Got you last!”) – But this situation is a little different. Someone has to have the maturity and self-discipline to let the other have the last slap.

Didn’t your abuela tell you, “Ojo por ojo y el mundo quedará ciego”? … Wait.. maybe that was Gandhi that said that. Gandhi would have made a good abuela. Anyway… Okay, your Nana probably told you, “Eh! Vos! Pórtate bien, cipote!… Qué bicho más malcriado, hijueputa…” – That’s not as inspirational, but good enough.

Last night Salvadorans stayed up all night making noise outside the Hotel Real Intercontinental in San Salvador where El Tri is staying. The intention was to disrupt the Mexican team’s sleep – but can I tell you something? I stayed at that hotel last summer and I can almost guarantee that the Mexican team didn’t hear a peep. The windows are really thick and I couldn’t hear anything down on the street below when we were there. Besides, even if it was loud enough to be heard, the Mexican team is already hip to this trick. Don’t you think that by now they’ve invested in some nice noise cancelling headphones? El Tri probably slept very comfortably, meanwhile, the Salvadorans down on the street missed a whole night’s sleep. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

If these kinds of “pep rallies” were all that went on, then I would say está bien, it’s harmless, but things can get a lot more disrespectful and even violent. Apparently someone threw a torta at Chicharito. It sounds funny but come on, let’s talk about this seriously for a moment. Gente decente no se hace eso. First of all, Chicharito is a person with feelings. This was just incredibly rude. Second, this stupid act by one person reflects badly on all Salvadorans. Third, this happened when El Tri got off the bus in front of the Real Intercontinental. I have walked down that street, (Boulevard de Los Heroes) and I can promise you that there were at least three hungry people begging within a half block of that torta hitting the pavement. As my suegra would say, “Qué pecado” … Shame on you for wasting food like that.

This is a beautiful game. Use your passion to support your team in a positive way – not on negativity. Whose with me?

Chicharito image source: Ed Schipul


  1. As I was watching those people make fools of themselves in front of the hotel, another thought came to mind: what idiotic racist comments/actions are they going to come up with when Guyana shows up?

    I am all for pep rallies/harmless ribbing, but the problem with these groups is that they are often uncontrolled and induced by alcohol. It is a recipe for bigger problems, which fortunately this time around only resulted in a flying torta, but as you are aware, could have easily been worse.

    Much to your point, when does the cycle of immaturity end? And like you said, it is not like Mexico is caught off guard by all the craziness. It is a waste of time.

    • Dios, I didn’t even think about what happens when Guyana comes to play. I really, really, really hope there won’t be any kind of racist remarks made. How horrible :(

      Last night’s “serenata” really was a waste of time. Was just watching a news report on Fox Deportes and the reporter was giving a report from the pasarela in front of the Hotel Real Intercontinental. He said that last night you couldn’t hear a sound inside the hotel and that the Mexican team slept well.

      Just as I said – those windows are really thick, (I’ve heard that this is either for earthquakes or a change made during/after the war but don’t know if either of those are true.)


    Aksel, your comment disgusted me and I won’t allow it to be published here. Your discriminatory attitude towards Salvadorans is exactly one of the problems that contributes to the animosity. Racism is not welcome here. As a Mexican looking down your nose at your Salvadoran brothers, you are no better than the Salvadorans who chose to act poorly. I say to you the same thing I say to people who threw things at the stadium – GROW UP.

    – Tracy López

  3. Me da mucho gusto comprobar que hay mucha gente en el Salvador que no piense que la patria se pierde o se gana en un campo de futbol, Uno de los grandes problemas de Latinoamérica es que no nos vemos como hermanos soy super fan del futbol y en especial del chicharito pero estoy consciente que es un juego y ojala cuando El Salvador venga a jugar al Estadio Azteca sean tratados con todo respeto y se pueda romper el círculo

    besos desde m+exico

  4. We saw Mexico vs Costa Rica or some ish like that in the Chi a year or so ago and the Mexicans straight hated on Chicharito cause of his performance and when he was lying on the ground exaggerating an injury, a Mexican from the stands threw a cup of soda on him and it landed square on Chicharitos face. I never laughed so hard in my life. I turned to my bf and said “see how your people act?” straight hating on their own team. Their own team! Unbelievable.

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