Piñata Grande!

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is in italics!

Un día yo estaba buscando fotos de una piñata cuando encontré esta foto.
One day I was looking for photos of a piñata when I found this.

Image source: Christopher Thompson

Yo no podía creer lo que veía y decidí seguir investigando.
I couldn’t believe my eyes and decided to investigate further.

Image source: Christopher Thompson

Aparentemente esta piñata estableció un récord mundial. La piñata fue construida en Filadelfia por Carnival Cruise Lines en 2008. Era casi seis pisos de altura.

Apparently this piñata set a world record. The piñata was constructed in Philadelphia by Carnival Cruise Lines in 2008. It was almost 6 stories tall.

Image source: Christopher Thompson

La pregunta importante: ¿Habia dulces en la piñata? ¡Sí! … y caos rodeó el evento, (igual que si era una fiesta de cumpleaños!) Disfrute!

The important question: Was there candy in the piñata? Yes! … and chaos surrounded the event, (just like it would at a child’s birthday party!) Enjoy!

La emoción en rumbo al evento y, a continuación, la decepción.
The excitement leading up to the event, and then, disappointment.

Noticias sobre cómo la policía detuvo el truco de publicidad por razones de seguridad.
News report about how the police stopped the publicity stunt for safety reasons.

Así es como la piñata se rompió finalmente.
How the piñata was ultimately broken.

Esto es como Carnival Cruise Lines utilizaba la piñata en un comercial.
The way Carnival Cruise Lines used the piñata in a commercial.

2 thoughts on “Piñata Grande!

  1. Very interesting Tracy. I can see chaos ensuing, shutting it down for safety reasons was probably a smart thing to do (people just can’t act right sometimes). On the other hand, what party poopers! That would have been a fun event to be at if it was allowed to go through. :)

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