Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is below!

Carlos está sentado en la mesa después de trabajar y está comiendo una merienda con una sonrisa en su rostro.

“Estas galletas,” me dice, levantando una galleta cubierta en chocolate y admirandola antes de comer una mordida, “Estas galletas siempre quería comprar cuando era niño en El Salvador.”

“Y por qué no las compraste, pues?” pregunto yo.

“Eran muy caras,” dice Carlos, “Sólo los niños ricos las tenian.”

Las galletas que compramos son de marca “Chiky” y cuestan aproximadamente $2.50 por una docena paquetes que contienen 6 galletas cada uno. Imagino que cuestan todavía menos en El Salvador.

“Somos ricos,” digo yo, “Aunque tenemos un montón de billes sin pagar, tenemos Chiky.”


Carlos is sitting at the table after work and eating a snack with a smile on his face.

“These cookies,” he says, lifting a cookie covered in chocolate and admiring it before taking a bite, “I always wanted to buy these cookies as a child in El Salvador.”

“So why didn’t you?” I ask.

“They were very expensive,” says Carlos, “Only the rich kids had them.”

The cookies we buy are “Chiky” brand and cost about $2.50 for a dozen packages containing 6 cookies each. I imagine they cost even less in El Salvador.

“We’re rich,” I say, “Although we have a lot of unpaid bills, we have Chiky.”


  1. I love Chiky! the strawberry ones are excellent (like strawberry milk)! I used to bring them home from Guatemala for all the kids in my family.

    I participated in Spanish Friday over at Expat Prep today too.

  2. Chikys are my favorite! Mi novio (my now-Esposo), used to give them to me as gifts because he knew I loved them so much. I’d also bring them home from Guatemala every time I went there.

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