¡Qué Padre!

Look what I found at Wal-Mart for $3 over the weekend:

You may be asking yourself the same thing I asked myself, “Why in the world would Wal-Mart, of all places, have this random awesome shirt in Spanish?”

After flipping through some other shirts on the rack, I finally understood. The shirt is a play on words! These shirts were on clearance from Father’s Day.


  1. When we go to the U.S. for a drive, we often stop by Wal-Mart to pick up a few stuff that are cheaper in the U.S. than in Canada, and I’m always surprised to see a lot of “Latino” products in the food section, or t-shirts in Spanish. I always tend to assume the Latino culture is more prevalent in the south, or in California, not in NY State a few kilometres from Ontario!

  2. You know I didn’t know what that phrase meant for the longest time. Thankfully I have some pretty cool Mexican friends who are pretty patient with me. I hope my local Walmart is still selling those because I am so getting my husband one.

  3. que padre! jaja, clever :) I’m always looking for t-shirts in Spanish, do you know of any places that sell them? The funny thing is that when I was in Spain I kept looking for them, but all the t-shirts were in English even there!

    • When I find shirts in Spanish it’s almost always an accident! LOL… I don’t know of any stores where I consistently find shirts in Spanish, but online, Surropa.com is a great source.

  4. Me gusta mucho that Walmart cares for our latino community y la T-shirt esta Bien Padre and for $3 definitely Walmart has the best deals for all our needs la neta!!!

  5. I freaked out when I moved to Houston and saw Wal-Marts always carrying not only Spanish-language items but also tons of Spanglish items that you really would have to be bilingual to “get”. It is impressive. I have bought things and got home & realized I it was because I saw it and thought omg somebody is talking actually to me for a change. You go everywhere and feel like you almost but not quite fit in anywhere and then suddenly for once you see something that is just for you. It is marketing genius. And you start to think if Wal-Mart is noticing this group we must be more plentiful than it can seem sometimes when you feel like the oddball…

    • Yes, Beth! LOL, I was so excited and knew right away that I was buying that shirt…. but I started thinking about monolingual English speakers – when they come across that shirt in the rack, what do they think? LOL. Sometimes being bilingual feels like being in on a secret joke, (and this time, that’s exactly what it was!)

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