Naco? Pocho?

What is a Naco? What is a Pocho? Have you ever been called one of these words? Do you readily identify yourself as a naco or a pocho? Do you find them offensive?

Mun2 discusses these words with some famous faces including: Lalo Alcaraz, Xavier El Eléctrico, Gustavo Arellano, Penelope Menchaca, Alacranes Musical, Alex Rivera, Luis de Alba, Edoardo Chavarin, La Bronca, Larry Hernandez, 3ball MTY (pictured above), Gloria Trevi, Daniel Hernandez, Gerardo Ortiz, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Edward James Olmos, Montez de Durango, Jenni Rivera, and Duelo.

Check out the video over on mun2!

For English version with Spanish subtitles [CLICK HERE]
For Spanish version with English subtitles: [CLICK HERE]

8 thoughts on “Naco? Pocho?

  1. Pocho, first time I hear that word. Pero, naco/a is something I’ve heard quite often while growing up, right next to the word “chuntaro/a”.

    My Mexican friends use naco/a while my central american friends use “chuntaro/a”. They essentially mean the same thing. Have you heard of that? Chuntaro/a?

    I’m trying to remember if my cousins back home called me something similar to pocha, esta ves que fui a El Salvador…… no me acuerdo…. Talves si y ni cuenta me di. jajajajaja

    • I’ve heard chuntaro also, but always thought this was also a Mexican word.

      As for a “pocho” equivalent in El Salvador – I don’t know of one … I think Salvadorans would call someone “gringo” if they were an Americanized-Salvadoran or Salvadoran-American. I’m reminded of this video. LOL. The guy in this video is the equivalent of a Salvadoran “pocho” …. or como dice el otro hombre, un “Kentucky Fried Chicken” jajajajajaja:

      • Oh man, estos bayuncos dan risa va! Haci exaclty habla mi papa!! Puuuuuuuuuuuchica! LOL. Caliche can be hard to follow sometime si estas entre la gente aya en en El Salvador.

        Is chuntaro Mexican word? Ah no sabia…. Quien sabe…

        Pero, gracias ahora voy para youtube after reading your mexican escebeche post… LOL

  2. “Pocho” was such a big topic when I was taking Chicano studies classes in college!! We had whole lectures dedicated to that little word…. it means “rotten fruit” so when someone calls you pocho they’re not calling you Americanized, tambien te dicen podrido :P

    • Those would have been interesting classes! … I didn’t know the exact meaning (thanks for contributing that to the conversation!) – but I did know that the use of the word definitely began with a negative connotation. In recent years it seems some people have started embracing it and making it their own, but I have definitely met people that have been hurt/offended by it as well.

  3. Just saw this post, I have heard and used all these words, pocho is a hispanic person who acts white or doesnt speak spanish, and naco and chuntaro/chunta/chuntaca is like calling someone ghetto. All my friends say pata rajada when they want to say someone is “rude, crude, and socially unacceptable”

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