Team USA! (Made in China)

Controversy broke out when it was discovered that the 2012 Olympics uniforms for Team USA were made in China. (Read more on There was so much outrage regarding Team USA’s uniforms that the sponsor (Ralph Lauren), has now promised that they’ll “manufacture uniforms domestically for the 2014 games.”

The timing of this story couldn’t be more perfect. Just the other day I spotted the clearance rack of Independence Day shirts at Wal-Mart. Carlos and I noticed a couple years ago that they were made in El Salvador – (for some reason this always amuses us.) So I went to check this year’s stock of American flag shirts, and sure enough – “HECHO EN EL SALVADOR.”

Celebrate U.S. Independence Day with a shirt made in El Salvador

What do you think about items with the American flag, (or American flags themselves), as well as the Team USA Olympics uniforms being made in other countries?

If our economy was running well and the jobs weren’t needed, would your opinion change? Why or why not?


  1. As long as the company is not treating them bad, I think it’s just fine. I think this is one of the best ways to spread the wealth of our country. Once again this is assuming that they are being treated fairly and in a humane way.

  2. I noticed recently while on vacation in Canada (where I live) that our souvenirs were made in China (along with everything else!) but I found that totally amusing. I wonder if we went to China, where all their stuff comes from, Brooklyn? LOL!

  3. I saw the exact same tshirt at Walmart in NY State a few weeks ago, and it made me laugh for the same reason ;-)

  4. I just came back from El Salvador and spent my time with union activists and other social and economic justice oriented folks. Workers who make these shirts are not being treated fairly -that’s why companies move there – and to other countries with little environmental regulation of the toxic crap they dump when processing fabrics – bleaches and dyes – and cheap, cheap, labor costs – the women doing this work aren’t even making a basic living wage and I mean basic – can barely buy beans and tortillas – let alone pay school fees for their kids.

    • Wow, Cathy – that sounds like a topic and experience that deserves a post of its own. If you’d be interested in being “interviewed” (via E-mail), please let me know either here in comments or by contacting me – I’d love to learn more and spread the word, find out how we as consumers can help change things, etc.

  5. I live here, in El Salvador. I completely agree with Cathy. Of course they move all that from the US to other countries for the reasons she mentioned. Want to know how much those women make from that? Working 44 hours a week they cannot make less that $187 monthly. Yeah, baby, you read it right.. not less that a hundred and eighty seven dollars a month. Gess what, I really doubt they make more that the minimun. So, of course they look for cheap labor costs

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