Kranky K

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is below!

La otra semana encontré algo nuevo en el mercado latino. A lado de mis queridos Bubu Lubus había un nuevo dulce de la misma compañía (Ricolino) que se llama “Kranky K.”

Aparentemente Kranky K son confleis cubiertas en chocolate y por solo 25 centavos, me decidí probarlos. Estaban buenos pero no super impresionantes, y definitivamente no son tan adictos como su primo el Bubu Lubu, a pesar de el hecho que el nombre “Kranky K” se escucha como una nueva droga de la calle.


The other week I found something new at the Latino market. Next to my beloved Bubu Lubus was a new candy by the same company (Ricolino) that’s called “Kranky K.”

Apparently Kranky K are cornflakes covered in chocolate and for only 25 cents, I decided to try them. They were good but not super impressive, and they’re definitely not addictive like their cousin, Bubu Lubu, despite the fact that “Kranky K” sounds like a new street drug to me.

9 thoughts on “Kranky K

  1. I’m soooo happy they sell these in the States now, they’re one of my childhood favorites! Last time I was in Mexico they had the dark chocolate version, way better than the original ones

    • LOL, whenever I see a “new” Mexican candy or product you always end up telling me it’s old news… I need to start saying “new to me” or “new to the United States” jajaja

      Latino market didn’t have the dark chocolate version, but then again, I still have yet to try a Bubu Lubu de piña as well :p

      • jaja Sorry!!! :S
        I grew up in Mexico so I was surrounded by all this awesome candy :P
        It’s really interesting how it’s making its way into the US market… I can now buy my Ricolino products at Target!! I remember when we barely moved here I had to either buy old candy from the Latino markets or wait until someone made a trip to Tijuana to order some. Now they’re everywhere!!!!!!!!

  2. haha… We’ve been eating Krankys forever and it never occurred to me that it sounds like a street drug. It does! My kids will think it is hilarious. I’ll never be able to buy them again without thinking of that!

  3. I “stole” a pack if these from the rents…i wasn’t impressed either. To me they were sweet but lacked a true chocolate flavor. My kids loved them though :)

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