Ai Se Eu Te Pego – In Spanish!

I can’t remember when exactly I first heard and fell in love with Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Teló – Was it a year ago? Two years ago?

For those not familiar, here is the original song – I love this video because it has the Spanish subtitles of the lyrics in Portuguese and also because those Spanish lyrics were written by a Spaniard who used the verb “coger” – A perfectly normal word in Spain meaning “to catch” or “to grab” – but to Latin American ears, (or gringa ears that are used to Latin American Spanish), the word means “to fuck” and it’s either offensive or hilarious. (I’m in the hilarious camp.)

While I can’t remember when I discovered the song, I can remember the way I discovered it, which was through watching videos of celebratory dances after fútbol goals. A lot of Brazilian soccer players like to do the Ai Se Eu Te Pego dance when they score a goal. Neymar seems to be an especially big fan – so much so that he’s brought the dance into the locker room as a way to annoy/entertain his teammates.

However, Ronaldo and Marcelo like to dance, too.

Muchachos, if you don’t enjoy watching Neymar and Ronaldo doing that provocative little dance as much as I do, my apologies. Feel free to go over to Pitbull’s remix of the song, a video which features women in bikinis. (It’s Pitbull. Would you expect anything less?)

Anyway, yesterday at work, one of Carlos’s Mexican coworkers started singing Ai Se Eu Te Pego, but he had changed the words to Spanish:

Hermosa, hermosa usted a mi me mata
Ay si te veo, ay ay si te veo eh
Hermosa, hermosa usted a mi me mata
Ay si te beso, ay ay si te beso eh

Of course I thought this was hilarious and started to type up a Facebook status to share, and then I asked myself, “Wait a minute… maybe there’s really a Spanish remix and he was just singing it?”

The song’s popularity would certainly have resulted in a Spanish version, by now, right? Come on, if there is a Spanish version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller out there, and a Spanish Duranguense version of Justin Bieber’s Baby, surely there must be a Spanish version of the wildly popular Ai Se Eu Te Pego by Michel Teló! … Well gente, the internet did not let me down. Here it is, Ai Se Eu Te Pego, versión español. This one is called, Ay si te beso by Argentinian musician, “Feice.” Chécalo!

(video no longer available)

Not crazy about that one? Here’s one by a guy who simply goes by the name Roberto:

Another one in Spanish by DJotta y Fenix:

This Spanish version by Rico Alexis actually uses the phrasing “Ay, si te cojo, mami” – the guy is Chilean but living in Spain – so did he mean it the Spanish way or the Chilean way? You decide.


  1. Tracy, I’m glad you wrote about this song!! Ever since I first heard it I felt like he is saying this in spanish: Ay siento un pedo, ay ay siento un pedo!! LOL!! I can’t get it out of my head!! I know he isn’t saying it of course, but it’s all I can think of!! Help!

    • Nooooooooo! Dariela!!! jajajajaja…. It’s “ai se eu te pego” which means “Ay, if I catch you!”

      The song is about how he’s out to a club on a Saturday and he see’s a girl and gets up the courage to talk to her because she’s pretty :)

  2. LOL @Darielas comment!!!

    Me encanto Baby duranguense style, pero not the Michael Jackson en espanol. Y los futbolistas…… ohhhhhhh that made me smirk! hahaha,

    Las otras versiones de la cancion are nice… pero la version de cojer is much better. LOL.

  3. definitely I like the original best. around here they play it in portuguese at clubs and everyone knows the words. Neymar dancing is pretty cute.

  4. AHH so much “saudade” I love this song! Makes me nostalgic for my days in Brasil and Neymar dancing is pretty great :) Obrigada o digo Gracias!

  5. Olvidaste la versión mejor. Es la del cantante colombiano Jody Bernal. Vive ya durante muchos años en los Países Bajos, donde es bastante famoso.

    Es gracioso que él cante “si te cojo”. No me puedo imaginar que no sepa que tiene contexto sexual. Creo que lo hace adrede, y de todas formas la mayoría de los Neerlandeses no entiende el español.

  6. Can’t believe we have never run across each other on the internets before… Bilinguish and Latinaish… it’s like we were destined to run across each other eventually. Bilinguish’s latest post is about Si Eu Te Pego, the English version, and we are including a link to your page and one of these videos at the end. Saludos!

  7. Too funny! I work with adolescent Spanish speakers and some were singing “Rosa, Rosa, asi voce me mata” y otros “Moza, moza asi voce me mata”…. Oh Dios! They’re so confused I feel I should teach them the most appropriate translation so they know what they’re singing!

  8. I am learning spanish and was trying to translate the song by Feice but cannot understand all of the words. I’ve learned that I enjoy this type of music alot and have taken to trying to translate it and enjoy it as a way to learn. Is there any chance of getting a translation of that version? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Will, Feice’s version in Spanish is almost exactly the same as the original meaning in the Portuguese version. A translation of the original lyrics to English can be found here:

      The only major difference is that instead of “Ai, se eu te pego” – which means in Portuguese, “Oh, if I get you”, Feice sings alternately “Ay, si te beso” – which means in Spanish, “Oh, if I kiss you” and also, “Ay, si te veo” – which means in Spanish, “Oh if I see you.”

      Buena suerte (good luck!) with your Spanish!

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