Heelys! (Zapatos con ruedas)

Heelys (the shoes with wheels), have a new line of shoes coming out this fall – and many of them are designed for women! I was offered a pair for review but, as much as I wanted to try them, I opted to get a pair for my 10 year old instead. (Honestamente, my roller skating and ice skating skills aren’t so bueno, so I don’t know if I’d be able to get the hang of Heelys.)

Heelys can be worn with or without the wheels, (we will have to take the wheels off if he wears them to school), but most people don’t know they come in adult sizes. In addition to the adult sizes, Heelys is introducing three brand new lines – an athletic shoe which will be lighter in weight, shoes made specifically for girls and women with more fashion forward colors and styles, and a street shoe with improved outsoles. (Ahora falta botas picudas con ruedas. Can you imagine? Now that would be chévere!)

For more information you can find Heelys on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, in addition to their regular website.

My 10 year old was super feliz to finally get a pair of Heelys. These are the “Element” style Heelys in Youth size 3. The wheels were easy to install and are easy to take out, too.

It took my son about 30 minutes to get the hang of them. The trick is positioning your feet just so.

Once he knew how to use the Heelys, he didn’t want to stop. Here’s a little video to give you a taste of the fun.

Now he wants to learn how to do tricks with the Heelys. I’m happy he’s found another activity to get him outside and away from the video games.

Disclosure: A pair of Heelys was provided for review. All opinions are my own.

7 thoughts on “Heelys! (Zapatos con ruedas)

  1. The funny thing happened with those type of shoes. I was in Thailand for two years and when I got back all of a sudden I started seeing kids gliding down the aisles at the grocery store. It was very confusing for me.

  2. Oh how fun for him, like Christmas in July! Yes, my oldestt daughter had a pair and loved them, though I found it was a pain (for me )to have her wear them for school, as she couldn’t get the wheels out herself and I was preggers, (inevitably she’d be wearing them when we would remember and I’d be squatting down in the school parking lot, trying not to pee on myself) and I was also afraid she’d lose a wheel, so we left them in and used them evenings and weekends. Walmart is fun with Heelys, but it took a bit, as theyy go so much faster!

    • LOL! I’ll make sure I remove the wheels at home before he goes to school to avoid any school parking lot accidents ;)

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