Torta Estilo Parque Hula Hula

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is below!


For today’s Spanish Friday I made a video in Spanish of a special sandwich I made. Since the video is in Spanish, I’ll explain here in English. Last year when we went to Parque Hula Hula in San Salvador, we stopped by some unnamed food stall and had a torta for lunch. Carlos and I have been unable to forget that delicious torta so this was my attempt to re-create it. Here’s the video and the recipe.

Torta Salvadoreña – Estilo Parque Hula Hula (Hula Hula Sandwich)


bolillos or small French breads
mayonnaise (I prefer lime-flavored mayo)
shredded cabbage (boiled until tender and drained)
shredded sandwich steak
guacamol (recipe below)

#1. Cook meat in a frying pan. Add a little cooking oil if needed. Optional: Season with a little Worcestershire sauce & Goya Sazón Culantro y Achiote.

#2. Butter the bread and toast on both sides. Do this on a comal, griddle or frying pan.

#3. Spread mayonnaise on both open faces of the bread. Top with cooked sandwich steak.

#4. Top steak with shredded cabbage, then add ketchup, mustard and guacamol. Serve.

BONUS RECIPE (Fresh Guacamol for Sandwiches): To make guacamol, I put 1 avocado, a large spoonful of minced onion, a spoonful of mayonnaise, a few shakes of dried oregano, a pinch of salt and a good squeeze of fresh lime into a self-sealing plastic bag. Close the bag and massage the avocado until smooth and combined with other ingredients. Cut off the corner of the bag so the guacamol can be piped onto sandwiches.


  1. Yo no llamaría a eso guacamole, perdóname Tracy pero…mayonesa? :( ok, llamame purista, el orégano pasa, pero la mayo…
    Ahora, dejando de lado el pseudo guacamole (que estoy segura estaba ríquisimo), tu manera de preparalo me ha dejado con la boca abierta de puro gusto por lo ingeniosa que has sido al prepararlo en una bolsa y luego usarla como manga pastelera. Definitivamente eres mi ídola solo por eso :)

    Un abrazo y espero no te tomes a mal mi comentario sobre el guacamole jeje, estoy segura que si lo como así me gustará lo mismo, pero yo lo llamaría “Guaca-mayo” (casi como guacamaya…ves? hasta queda bonito!)

    • Hola Maricruz! … No, no lo tomo a malo, amiga. Es que eres mexicana (visité tu lindo blog!), y claro que en México, el guacamole nunca trae mayonesa, pero este guacamole es estilo América Central, y en América Central sí, unos (no todos) echan mayonesa :)

      Saludos! :)

  2. I’ve tried the torta you’re talking about
    but forgot a lot of ingredients
    the one you made on this video does not look like the ones from el Salvador

    • Thanks for checking out the video/recipe and sharing your opinion, Manny. Which ingredients are missing?

      This is how my torta was made when I visited the Hula Hula. Maybe you didn’t eat at the exact same vendor.

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