Don Cuatro

Image source: Alvaro Canivell

Months ago while watching videos on YouTube I stumbled onto a TV Show called “Fin de Semana.”

Fin de Semana was a long running variety show in El Salvador similar to Sabado Gigante with a host by the name of Willie Maldonado. I asked Carlos if he remembered the show and he said he remembered someone named “Don Cuatro.”

I searched all over the internet and couldn’t find anything about Don Cuatro, and Carlos has only a vague memory. He says that the way he remembers it is like this:

Don Cuatro was a mystery character that they never showed on screen. At some point during the show they would say “Don Cuatro is in such-and-such neighborhood” and they would give viewers a code phrase that they were to say to Don Cuatro while shaking his hand to get him to reveal himself. People who lived in that neighborhood would rush outside and start going around trying to find Don Cuatro by shaking other people’s hands and saying the code phrase. Whoever found Don Cuatro would win money and be brought on the show.

I don’t know why, but this struck me as hilarious. Does anyone remember Don Cuatro? Has Carlos remembered it correctly?


  1. No puede ser!! You (and Carlos!) brought back this memory! Yes, that’s exactly who Don Cuatro was! How hilarious!!

  2. No recuerdo a Don Cuatro! Pero si al gato del canal cuatro…y el programa “Fin de Semana” q inicialmente lo transmitieron por canal 2 pero luego lo pasaban en canal 4 de 1987 al 2006 para volver al canal 2 por otros 3 anios mas . Su presentador, el sr. Willie Maldonado lo mantuvo como el programa de mas larga trayectoria en El Salvador.

  3. Here in the Netherlands there is one radio station that sometimes does this in the summer. Listeners have to locate Mr. X and say a code phrase to him, then they win a substantial amount of money.

    Mr. X is moving through the country, and hints toward his whereabouts are given on the radio periodically. A nation-wide manhunt ensues (NL is a relatively small country, roughly twice el Salvador, so everybody who is willing to travel can participate).

    Another thing they’d do is put a few sport cars in freight containers and bury them throughout the country. Then give clues on the radio. All of that to attract listeners of course. Fun stuff, makes for interesting tv/radio.

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