Mexican Sushi & Other Fusion Foods

I love fusion cuisine – the mixing of the best parts of two different cultures on one plate. It takes a lot of creativity to come up with something that works.

A month or so ago, I came upon this photo of the “Blaxican Food Truck” (Mexican & Soul Food) and this conversation on Reddit.

Image source: Reddit user J_Keezey

There was talk of jalapeño mac-and-cheese, BBQ steak tacos, and collard green quesadillas.

When I saw yesterday that CNN had interviewed the owner of the truck, it reminded me that I wanted to write about this here.

(Here’s CNN’s interview)

However, there are all kinds of Latin American fusion foods to explore.

Taka Taka in New York features Mexican Sushi and Japanese Tacos. On the menu? Cilantro shrimp tempura; Fried rice roll with hamachi, tuna, avocado and jicama with spicy sriracha mayonnaise; and Fried tuna carnitas in a yuzu-soy marinate with guacamole and pico de gallo in corn tortillas.

Chino Bandido in Phoenix allows you to mix various Chinese and Mexican ingredients. Chico & Chang in Atlanta also serves Chinese and Mexican food but they don’t seem to be mixed based on the menu which lists the cuisines separately.

And then most everyone knows about Kogi BBQ which were all anyone talked about a few years ago when people discovered their Korean-style tacos.

I think the most delicious out of all of these is Mexican Sushi. The combination seems like it was inevitable. Carlos and I love sushi and our two favorite local sushi chefs are both Mexican. In fact, Latinos work behind the scenes at all our favorite Asian restaurants – Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

In comments here on Latinaish, I once mentioned that many of the Latino employees at our favorite Korean market speak Korean.

…We have a Korean Market on the outskirts of D.C. where I make regular visits. (I love Korean food and got Carlos hooked on it too.)… Well, almost all the people that work there are Latino. It’s hilarious because one time at the fish counter Suegra told me what she wanted, I turned to the fish counter manager who was Korean. I greeted him in Korean and then told him Suegra’s order in English. He turned to the guys behind him and told them the order in Spanish. I was like, “Wait a minute! Suegra should have just ordered herself?!” …Also, I’ve heard some of the Latinos there respond to the manager in Korean. It’s pretty cool!

I actually read a story about this Honduran guy who came to the U.S. and began working in a Vietnamese restaurant. He started out washing dishes and ended up learning Vietnamese and working as head chef. [Read more here.] Chévere, right?

As for the Mexican Sushi, unfortunately, I’m a little too far from New York to just pop in at Taka Taka for lunch … pero hay esperanza! Our friends at Tiki Tiki posted a video to their Facebook page that teaches you how to make “Sushi Mexicano.” (I recommend giving Tiki Tiki a “Like” – they’re always sharing fascinating and hilarious content.)

Here’s the video by the very amusing “El Guzii“!

This looks like a lot of work but these fusion restaurants seem to be only in major cities, so it’s a good option if you want to try it. Then again, I found this restaurant in our area.

Felicio’s authentic Mexican and Italian food. The nice thing about this one is that the Italian and Mexican flags have the same colors so I’d assume there was no arguing over the logo or the decor. I actually haven’t eaten here yet, (Carlos has refused), but I think that this isn’t actually true fusion and that the menu items are separate.

What fusion restaurants have you seen?


  1. Yum — Mexican sushi looks fantastic! I think Asian/Latin foods blend well together in general. Zengo is really good. And of course, there are a ton of Mexican restaurants in DC that have Salvadoran items on the menu (and possibly Salvadoran staff in the kitchen).

  2. This past trip to Guatemala, we actually found a Vietnamese~Mayan fusion restaurant, and of course had to try it (DH was born in Vietnam and is a total Pho-hound). It was okay, but I think they could have taken the fusion part a little further than they actually did.

  3. Our fav in Baltimore is the Chinese food pizza at the NY Pizza in Owings Mills. A pizza with marinara and cheese–covered with your chinese food choice (we tend to go with orange chicken or the Tsos which comes with Broccoli). It’s Delicious! And the owners? An Asian family.

  4. We have a restaurant Chino Latino in Minneapolis that is a heavy fav. We also have lots of food trucks that are fusion I know more than one mix Latin American cuisines with Mexican- some wouldn’t consider this fusion but an arepa with guacamole? All I know is it is delicious!

  5. Love it! That video of the Mexican Sushi cracked me up. What a funny guy. We love sushi and my husband always eats a crazy amount of the creamy hot sauce when we go out. LOL

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