Los Picapiedras

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is below!

Image source: Cesar Bojorquez

Carlos: Ahora así trabajo yo, como los Picapiedras.
Tracy: Eres Fred Picapiedra.
Carlos: No, Pedro.
Tracy: Cambiaron el nombre a Pedro?
Carlos: Sí.
Tracy: Y el nombre de su amigo, no es Barney en español?
Carlos: No, él se llama Pablo.
Tracy: Fred and Barney son Pedro y Pablo?
Carlos: Sí.
Tracy: Qué raro… y supongo que la niña se llama Piedritas, verdad?
Carlos: No, ella todavia se llama Pebbles.


Carlos: That’s how I work now, like los Picapiedras*.
Tracy: You’re Fred Flintstone.
Carlos: No, Pedro.
Tracy: They changed his name to Pedro?
Carlos: Yeah.
Tracy: And the name of his friend, it’s not Barney in Spanish?
Carlos: No, his name is Pablo.
Tracy: Fred and Barney are Pedro and Pablo?
Carlos: Yes.
Tracy: That’s weird… and I guess the little girl’s name is Piedritas*, right?
Carlos: No, she’s still called Pebbles.

*los Picapiedreas is the name of The Flintstones in Latin America.
*Piedritas means “little rocks/stones” or “pebbles.”


Bonus Vídeo Relacionado / Related Bonus Video


  1. It took me FOREVER to relearn all the cartoon names when we moved to Mexico. Like, did you know that Daffy Duck is called El Pato Lucas??? Goofy is Tribilin. And the Jetsons are Los Supersonicos!

      • The names are one thing, but what’s really hard to get used to is how different the cartoon voices sound in Spanish. Bugs Bunny’s voice is annoying!

      • I had to go look up Bugs Bunny in Spanish since I’ve never heard him speak Spanish… You’re right, there is something really irritating about his voice – but I get annoyed with cartoon voices in general if I think about it too much. It can be pure torture when the kids have on Spongebob or Looney Tunes if I’m already in a bad mood. LOL

  2. Lol I used to live in el salvador for almost 2 years around kindergarten age, and I watched los picapiedras during lunch every day with my uncle haha I’m so used to watching it in Spanish that I actually find it weird and can’t watch as much in English. I love it in Spanish haha

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