Dejémonos de Pajas

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation is below!

Hoy quiero introducirles a un podcast de El Salvador que está disponible completamente gratis. El podcast se llama “Dejémonos de Pajas.” Primero, quiero explicar un poco que son “pajas” para los que no saben. Mucha gente conoce la palabra “paja” como el trigo seco en que duermen los animales de granja. Otra gente saben el significado alternativo, que es “la masturbación.” Pero, el uso de la palabra “paja” en este instante significa otra cosa! En El Salvador “pajas” son “mentiras.”

Así, este podcast es super honesto y muy divertido. A veces hablan de cosas chistosas, y a veces discuten temas serios – pero es siempre muy interesante. Este podcast es para todos, pero si eres de El Salvador, tienes que escuchar lo. Carlos y yo nos encanta, y yo sé que les va a encantar también.

Chécalo: En su sitio de web, en iTunes, en Facebook, y también en Twitter.


Today I want to introduce you to a podcast from El Salvador which is available for free. The podcast is called “Dejémonos de Pajas.” First I want to explain a little about what “pajas” means for those that don’t know. Many people know the word “paja” to be the dry wheat that farm animals sleep on. [Straw] Other people know the alternative slang meaning, which is “masturbation.” However, the use of the word “pajas” in this instance means something else! In El Salvador “pajas” are “lies.” [So the name of the podcast roughly translates to “Let’s stop lying” or “Let’s leave behind the lies.”]

So, this podcast is super honest and very funny. Sometimes they talk about funny things, and sometimes they discuss serious issues – but it is always very interesting. The podcast is for everyone, but if you are from El Salvador especially, you have to listen to this podcast. Carlos and I love it, and I know you’re going to love it too.

Check it out: On their website, on iTunes, on Facebook, and also on Twitter.

7 thoughts on “Dejémonos de Pajas

  1. Gracias departe de Dejemonos de Pajas agradecemos nuestro primer y primera critica! “Review” esperamos mantener los shows entretenidos y divertidos.

    On behalf of everybody at Dejemonos de Pajas we like to thank you for giving us our first and formal Review. Hope to keep up all the shows as interesting and as funny!

    Gracias de nuevo LATINAISH!

  2. Gracias…!!! Seguiremos trabajando para seguirlos divirtiendo y pasando buenos momentos.

    Un abrazo para tod@s

    Thank you …! We will continue working to follow having fun and good times.

    A hug for everyone

    :D ;) (°)>

  3. sorry I am little late with this one, buy I wanted to share for Spanish Friday and I thought I would forget on the 14th. Es mi punta de vista de Spanglish siendo un angloparlante nativa y uan estudante de español. A pesar de ser un tema polemico no ha atraido mucho visitas o commentarios. No he escrito esto speficamente para viernes de español sino pense que seria algo revelante a este blog. Hazme saber su opinion

    • Hi Margaret! I’ll reply to you here since I can’t seem to leave a comment on lang-8, (perhaps you have to be a member?)

      Ni modo, my opinion is that “there’s a time and place for everything” – y a mi, me encanta el Spanglish :) Would I use Spanglish when applying for a job or when talking to someone in a formal situation? Of course not, but when I’m with family and friends, that is what comes natural and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it – it’s almost inevitable when you live a bicultural life.

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