Happy Independence Day, Guanacos!

I wanted to do something special for El Salvador’s Independence Day, so I decided to make a few regalitos for all my cheros guanacos.

First, here is free desktop wallpaper for your computer!

Desktop wallpaper! Click for full size.

To use it:

• Click the image to enlarge
• Right click and select “Set as Desktop Background”
• Customize it to your desktop as you wish (I think “Tiled” looks best)
• Click “Set Desktop Background”

I also created some fun worksheets for you and your cipotes. Choose the one you like, click the link or image, click “Download” over on Box.com, and then once you have it on your computer, open the PDF and print.

Click here to go download the crossword puzzle!


Click here to go download the word search puzzle!


Feliz Día de la Independencia a El Salvador! (Happy Independence Day to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua as well, también a nuestros amigos en México who will celebrate tomorrow.)

7 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day, Guanacos!

  1. Thanks Tracy, porque no supe tres…. ACCROSS: 6,16,18 (as in no clue) LOL and 1 accross WRONG, but i figured it out. Bueno, que existe google tamboen no.. jajajaja

    SI, esto es lo que hoy en dia en el trabajo. hahahaha.

    Enjoy your evening.

    • LOL, okay, well I’m glad it was challenging. Here are the answers to the crossword. (And for the record, I did the word search too – all the words are there somewhere – some are backwards, diagonal, etc.)

      Crossword Answers:


      1. Colon
      3. Selecta
      5. Pupusa
      6. Llort
      9. Cumbia
      10. Mundo
      12. Puchica
      13. Caliche
      15. Horchata
      16. Torogoz
      17. Boqueron
      18. Cuzcatlan


      1. Cipote
      2. Dalton
      4. Curtido
      7. Taca
      8. Lempa
      11. Orgullosos
      14. Izote

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