Noche Buena Fireworks

Image source: gmarvinh
Image source: gmarvinh

This past week I wrote my weekly column for Fox News Latino about the tradition of Christmas Eve fireworks in El Salvador, and the injuries it causes each year.

While doing research for the article I came across several videos which, despite the serious subject matter I was writing about, I found really amusing. It’s funny when people have a good time with fireworks and don’t get hurt, so I can definitely see why people continue to buy them and set them off.

I myself have never handled anything more serious than sparklers and since I didn’t grow up with fireworks being set off right in front of me as Carlos did, I have a healthy fear/respect of them. That being said, I know some of you will be setting off some pretty impressive cuetes tomorrow night, so I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone to be careful and to keep small children at a safe distance while you’re celebrating. If you talk to your family in El Salvador on the phone, remind them too. Christmas is not as fun at the hospital. Have fun, pero con cuidado!


  1. How cool that you have a regular column for Fox News Latino! We are staying in San Salvador this Christmas and I am so excited about Noche Buena tomorrow because of the fireworks. Everyone says it is something to see — the whole city lights up and you can read a book by the amount of light from the fireworks. Another thing I’ve noticed is all the temporary fireworks stands that have popped up everywhere. The redondel near our house is now lined with fireworks stands … we may or may not be purchasing some.

    ¡Feliz Navidad!

  2. Last year we were in Guatemala for Xmas and locals went nuts with fireworks. They were sold just about anywhere, we had a blast. Feng loves them because he used to play with firecrackers as a kid in China, it reminded him his childhood!

  3. Here in the Netherlands we light fireworks at New Years Eve, especially at midnight. So in a few days, pretty much the same thing will happen here. Fun stuff pero ten cuidado.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. I’ve never seen fireworks as I did when I was in Bolivia and I’ll never forget them. Blasting off right over top of me, I clung to my now husband in fear and awe. He was pretty let down his first fourth of July over here. But I’m glad we do have some safety rules here…his mom can’t here in one ear because a firecracker went off too close.

    Merry Christmas, to you and your wonderful family!!!

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