The Random Aventuras of Tracy & Carlos

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation in italics!


Este video no es completamente en español y la verdad es que uno tiene que ser bilingüe por entender todo – pero así es nuestra vida. Lo siento a los que no entienden todo pero ojalá todos disfrutan de alguna manera.

This video is not completely in Spanish and the truth is that you have to be bilingual to understand everything – but that’s how we live. Apologies in advance to those that don’t understand everything but hopefully everyone enjoys it in some way.

6 thoughts on “The Random Aventuras of Tracy & Carlos

  1. Your life it just too much like that of my wife & I, your adventures match our daily life really closely – except you wouldn’t find me eating conchas. I’ve always thought of them as being “deceptive” (engañosas!), they look really pretty and sweet and fancy on the outside – but the inside is really plain. Who knows, maybe there’s something to that thing about “you are what you eat”, my favorite pan dulce is chamucos :) !

    BTW, seeing Carlos driving made me think, have you ever done any posts on the fine art of driving in El Salvador? I’d think that’d have to strike a chord with your readers!

    • I agree that some conchas are deceptive as you say, LOL … But this bakery makes them better than most. The conchas from this bakery are not as dry and plain as other places and they have a slight hint of lemon… Anyway, Carlos ate that concha. I prefer those cookies with sprinkles. I’ve never had chamucos LOL

      As for driving in El Salvador, well, I have his post about riding the bus that you might like:


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