As I announced last month, I’m now a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network which means that each month I’ll be participating in creative home and garden improvement projects which I’ll share with you here.

For the month of April one of the challenges suggested was to do an outdoor mini-makeover. Our entire yard could use a complete overhaul, to be honest. Years ago, (around the time I started this blog), Carlos was laid off, and that lay off lasted for a year. That chapter of our lives is far behind us, (and hopefully never repeats itself), but our yard is still telling the story of what happened. During that time we couldn’t afford to do a lot of things and when the choice was to feed our niños or re-mulch the garden, you better believe that keeping up the yard was not on our list of priorities. People who are lucky enough to have never gone through this don’t realize, it takes years to finally get back on top of things once you fall behind.

So, that brings me to this month’s project, “re-landscapeando” (re-landscaping for non-Spanglish speakers), which has given me and Carlos immense satisfaction.

Every day that we leave our home and come back, we walk past the side of our house. There is a row of Hydrangea bushes we have to keep constantly cutting because they grow way too wide during the summer and block our sidewalk – but worse than that, the black landscaping fabric is showing through since there isn’t enough mulch to cover it. As you can see in the photos below, it’s not terrible from far away, but up close, it’s super feo!


Ya ves? It’s depressing, bad feng shui and just a general reminder of how far we had to let things go. This spot has been bothering me for a long time.

My plan was to dig up the Hydrangea bushes and give them a new home, plant smaller bushes which won’t grow so wide that they’ll block our sidewalk, pull out the landscaping fabric, and re-mulch. I also wanted to replace a nearby Rhododendron which just hasn’t done well in that spot.


Here’s instructions for what we ended up doing in case you need to “re-landscapear” también. (I promise I did my part even though it’s Carlos working hard in all the photos!)

Mini Re-Landscape

What you need:

Trash Bags
New Plants (We chose “Dwarf English Boxwoods” to replace the Hydrangeas and a “Big Twister Rush” to replace the Rhododendron)
Measuring Tape

1. Wearing your gloves, dig up the bushes you want to replace and carefully pull from the ground.

2. If you want to re-plant these elsewhere, (my mother adopted my Hydrangeas) – and don’t want to kill them, try to dig deep and wide to get as much of the roots as possible. (Also, watch for wires and such if you’re anywhere near your electric meter, TV cable and telephone box.)

3. Pull out the old landscaping fabric and discard.

4. Put the root ball of the plants you want to re-plant into a trash bag for transporting if necessary. Re-plant as soon as possible.

5. Use a rake to clean up rocks, roots and other debris while moving the dirt to make it even.

Now that all the mess is cleaned up, you can plant your new plants. Follow the directions on the plant’s tag to dig an appropriate-sized hole, make sure that the location is good for the new plants as far as their preferred amount of sunlight and the type of soil. All this information is on the tag attached to the plants at Lowe’s.) Tip: Use a measuring tape to evenly space plants and give them enough room to grow.

Note: If you choose to put in new landscaping fabric, this should be done before the new plants are planted. If you choose to mulch, (we ended up deciding not to because there was plenty of pretty dark earth beneath the paper we pulled up), you can mulch after the new plants are in place.


Here’s the finished look! We’re so happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to re-landscapear other parts of the yard.

Which mini-makeover are you most eager to do in your own yard this season?

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Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. As a member of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network I received gift cards from Lowe’s to purchase products to complete projects. All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Re-Landscapeando

  1. Your project turned out awesome! I love the new look. With my hubby traveling so much we’ve let the yard go. It use to be his pride and joy. We’ve got to do some re-landscapeando ourselves! Like now! You’ve given me a little push…. I can’t wait to see what else you guys do.

    • Thanks, Tara! It’s tough when you’re either too busy or can’t afford to take care of something that you once took pride in. Carlos and I felt the same way having to let the yard go. Hope you’re able to work on yours little by little sometime soon!

    • Thanks very much! … The front landscaping is what we’re hoping to work on this weekend if the weather cooperates. It’s been cold here, too!

  2. Wow, it looks amazing!! I am so impressed with this because I want to do things like this but I’m super intimidated by just getting started— a green thumb I am not. There are huge bushes in the front of the house I want to get rid of, but this makes me wonder if maybe I can see another spot a bit inconspicious and try there to remove a bush and plant something new and see how it fares. Thanks for the tips!

    And yes, I remember that difficult year— its amazing how long ago it now seems, but how the effects in such subtle ways are reflected for your family today. Glad that you are able to update your yard and take another step to leaving that past era behind you. *hugs*

  3. Great job. Thanks for sharing. The one thing I would recommend is to put old newspaper down prior to your mulch. This will keep the weeds from growing through (ever) and will also decompose. Put your mulch down on top of the newspaper and dampen it. Keep it moist for a while to keep the paper from drying out.. This really works, much better than that old plastic stuff that never will decompose and lets the weeds grow through any tiny hole…..

  4. That big twister rush is so cute! How big is it going to get? I’m working on my mini curb appeal too. Can’t wait as my house needs a lot of TLC in the front! You did a great job and good job finding a home for your plants! I’m going to move around some stuff as well.

    • Isn’t it cute? I love the curls! … I believe it doesn’t get any bigger than 3 feet, so it’s ideal for that little spot there next to the driveway, (although I think it prefers more sun than it’s going to get there, so we’ll see what happens.)

      We ended up deciding to add mulch over the weekend because that pretty dark earth we turned up while planting dried out eventually and didn’t look as nice as it did before. We chose some black mulch which was only $2 per bag and it looks great. Next is the front of the house – Good luck on yours! Can’t wait to see what you do :)

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