Madagascar Culo


I’m trying to kick off “El Verano de Español” (Spanish Summer) a little early this year and yesterday I made a very concentrated effort to stick to Spanish with the boys.

I’m not sure what happened this year. At one point I was in the habit of speaking Spanish with the kids the majority of the day, then one day I realized I was speaking a lot of English to them and had been for some time. Each night I went to bed feeling guilty, promising I’d go cold turkey the next day but I’d wake up exhausted and forcing my brain to stay in Spanish was like trying to baptize a cat.

Anyway, Friday I managed to speak to the boys in mostly Spanish and they even responded to me in Spanish several times. To keep the momentum going, after dinner I decided we’d watch a movie in Spanish together, having recently discovered a bunch of bootleg DVDs from El Salvador I had forgotten we own. (To be very clear: We didn’t purchase these DVDs and haven’t even watched them – they were sent as gifts from one of Carlos’ tíos many years ago.)

My younger son popped some popcorn and I put the DVD for Madagascar in. Here’s a little video I made about the surprises that awaited us. (And as hilarious as this was to me, let this be a word of warning for anyone buying bootleg DVDs for their kids in El Salvador… They aren’t exactly rated G! This may be a good reason to buy the real thing.)

Ah yes… Spanish Summer is off to an excellent start.

11 thoughts on “Madagascar Culo

  1. Me encantó el video, pero no conozco la película original porque mis hijos son mayores.¿Es una canción diferente en la versión original? Tu plan de enfocar en el español en el verano me parece bastante razonable. Muchos niños hablan otro idioma en el verano porque visitan a su familia en la extranjera; ¿por qué no hacerlo durante un “staycation”? Lo importante es presentar un contexto definido y ser consistente. ¡Buena suerte!

    • Judy – La película original tiene otra canción – una que es mucho más apropiada para los niños jajaja

      Y sí, tienes razón – Muchos niños andan a visitar sus abuelos en México, El Salvador, o lo que sea, y así aprenden. Mis hijos no tienen la oportunidad viajar a El Salvador por todo el verano cada verano, entonces, lo tenemos que hacer en casa :)

      Gracias por tu comentario!

  2. Entiendo como te sientes, es una estupenda idea pasar el verano hablando español. Yo trato de hacerlo cada día con mi hija de 3 años, cuando me contesta en inglés le digo que no entiendo lo que me dice y así la obligo a hablar en Español.
    ¡A disfrutar el verano en Español!

    • Hi Grandma! :) … Basically this is a DVD that one of Carlos’ uncle sent us many years ago from El Salvador. It’s a bootleg DVD and had some unexpected “special features.” … The song on the menu is a Reggaeton song which isn’t really appropriate for little kids, (this is supposed to be a DVD of kids animated movies), and there’s another clip which is a remix of a scene from the movie with an explicit song called “Culo” – which is Spanish for “ass.”

  3. La mejor versión que he visto de “Quiero mover el bote”, por lejos. Y eso que he visto Madagascar en Español cerca de 100 veces, jajaja!! Definitivamente, un buen comienzo de un verano en español para ti y tu familia! Que bueno que los niños ya son grandes, si me pasaba con el mío de 5 años al día siguiente ya estaría en el Jardín de Infantes enseñándole a todo el mundo el nuevo estribillo, lol!

  4. JAJAJAJJAJAJA me muero de la risa! Not as bad as when I bought a “Family” movie from Spain and turned it on with my friend and in the previews 5 completely naked men showed up on the screen. And that wasn’t even half of it! So embarrassing! Nudity is seen as okay in Spain (and Europe in general though) so it’s normal for it to even be in kids movies, on the TV, on magazine covers displayed on the street (not with one of those black covers hidden in the back of the store like we do here). So it could have been worse!

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