How To Make Paper Fiesta Flowers For Hanging


Ready to make a festive paper flower garland for your next fiesta? Here are step-by-step directions with photos to help you make decorative paper flower pom-poms which can be hung on a string, from the ceiling, on tree branches or wherever you like! (It’s a great craft to do with your niños!)

How To Make Paper Fiesta Flowers

What you need:


Crepe paper (Tissue paper will probably work but that isn’t what I used.)
Wire (Small children may feel more comfortable working with pipe cleaners.)


1. Cut 4 sheets of crepe paper to the same length. (Mine were about 9 1/2 inches by 22 inches.) As I mentioned above, this will probably work with tissue paper but I use crepe paper because it’s stronger, doesn’t tear as easily, and has a little added texture compared to tissue paper.


2. With the sheets of paper lined up on top of each other, fold width-wise in 1 1/2 inch fan/accordion style folds.



3. Secure in the middle with a length of wire about 7 inches long. Don’t secure it so tightly that you crush the paper too much. (It should now look like a bow tie.)


4. Spread out the fan folds.


5. Carefully separate each layer. Fluff and adjust as needed on each side so it is round in shape.



6. Secure the wire to a long length of string. Repeat until you have the garland as long as you want it.

7. Hang up your garland of pretty pom-pom flowers and throw a fiesta!



    • I bet if you made them smaller, you could string them to make a necklace that looks like a Hawaiian lei :)

      • Oh, yes! Endless possibilities. You can imagine my excitement. Part of me wishes I were still in the classroom, so my students could “run with it” for Charro Days, an annual festival around the start of Lent in Brownsville, TX.

      • Oh wow – I can imagine a whole classroom being “put to work” on this activity! They’d make an awesome garland in no time – much faster than just working on one’s own!

        I’ve never heard of Charro Days. I could Google it but for the sake of old fashioned conversation, want to tell me about it? Sounds fun.

      • Funny, I have my students make these for Día de los Muertos in orange and purple, using crepe paper and pipe cleaners. They don’t usually come out as nicely as yours, though.

      • It’s a popular craft in the classroom I see! … My suegra used to make them (and sell them, I believe), but hers were a bit different than these. She liked to twist in little stamen in the center and cut the paper so the petals took on different shapes. There are a lot of variations!

    • They’re so happy, aren’t they? Whenever I make decorations for Nochebuena or a birthday, I always want to leave them up longer – it creates such a nice atmosphere :)

  1. Miriam Vargas – Spanish Teacher

    Thank you this is an awesome idea for decorations during Hispanic Heritage month My students will have fun creating this flowers to decorate our classroom.

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