Tribal Wives

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Image source: Link TV
Image source: Link TV

No miro mucha televisión pero de vez en cuando descubro un programa que me encanta. Eso es lo que pasó con el programa, “Tribal Wives” en Link TV.

El primer episodio que vi fue sobre una mujer de Inglaterra que se llama Sass y ella fue a vivir con el tribu Kuna de Panamá. Me gustó ver las interacciones entre ella y los miembros del tribu, en particular con la figura materna, Ana Lida. El show, “Tribal Wives”, realmente tocó mi corazón y me hizo pensar.

Después de ver este episodio y otro, fui a buscar más información en línea sobre el programa. Encontré mucho comentario inteligente pero opinones muy diferentes. Había gente que cree que el show está explotando los indígenas y no están de acuerdo con él.

Entiendo la perspectiva y tal vez haya un grano de verdad en esta opinión, pero también me alegra ver gente de culturas diferentes aprendiendo unos de otros y teniendo amistades.

¿Has visto el programa? ¿Qué piensas tú? ¿Es ético grabar un “reality show” así?


I don’t watch a lot of television but once in awhile I discover a program I love. This is what happened with the program “Tribal Wives” on Link TV.

The first episode I saw was about an English woman named Sass and she went to live with the Kuna tribe in Panama. I liked to watch the interactions between her and the tribe, particularly with the mother figure, Ana Lida. The show, “Tribal Wives,” really touched my heart and made me think.

After watching this episode and another, I went online to find more information about the program. I found a lot of intelligent commentary but really different opinions. There were people who felt the show exploits indigenous people and they didn’t agree with it.

I understand the perspective and maybe there is a grain of truth in that opinion, but it also makes me happy to see people of different cultures learn from each other and make friendships.

Have you seen the program? What do you think? Is it ethical to film a “reality show” like this?


  1. Bueno, creo que «reality tv» siempre explota la gente que retrata. No creo que este show sea diferente que los demás. Sin embargo, pero porque éste trata de indígenas, tal vez algunas personas sean mas sensibles al tema y estén ofendidas más rápido (quizás porque tienen ciertos sentimientos de culpabilidad por la historia, ¿quién sabe?)

  2. I can see the exploitation point of view, but I also love “seeing people of different cultures learn from each other and make friendships.” It drove me crazy when I was living in Guatemala and many of my fellow teachers would travel in exclusive packs and never make any efforts at integration into the society in which they lived!

    Maybe on vacation I’ll have a chance to find this show and catch up a bit, if I’m not going crazy traveling with two incredibly energetic four-year-olds!! You can read my Spanish Friday post here.

    • “It drove me crazy when I was living in Guatemala and many of my fellow teachers would travel in exclusive packs and never make any efforts at integration into the society in which they lived!” – That would have made me angry too! It makes no sense! That’s why when I travel (when I get to travel), I don’t look at it as just going on vacation. I want to learn, get involved, you know, get adventurous! Maybe that’s just the “culture vulture: in me.

  3. I love shows like this! I don’t think it exploits the culture, more or less bring it out to the world. I just hate how sometimes the people going into these cultures act. Some of them don’t want to get involved with the culture, not eat the food, nitpick things, which makes it look bad of the rest of us who live in the western world (and then it’s like, what’s the point in going if you’re not going to get involved – it’s not a vacation). I lived in Mexico for a while and there were many things I didn’t like but I sucked it up and tried my best to assimilate and participate. Also, in a fast-pace world of technology and self-gratification, I think it’s good for us to see how people really interact. Brings us back down to a human level that I think sometimes many people lack (or even forget about). Just my opinion. <3

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