A Chico le Gusta ver la Tele


Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Aunque no quería la responsibilidad de tener una mascota de nuevo, el año pasado adoptamos a Chico porque pensabamos que sería bueno por la salud de nuestra familia. Tener un perro ayuda a reducir el estrés, y si uno tiene un perro igual que Chico, le da sonrisas cada día con sus bayuncadas.

Aquí les muestro que hizo Chico de chistoso anteayer. Carlos estaba viendo las noticias cuando salio un reportaje sobre un día de celebración en El Salvador por los perros callejeros. (O como les dicen en El Salvador, “chuchos aguacateros.”)

Como lo pueden ver, bien le gusto el reportaje a Chico, y bien curioso está de sus primos en El Salvador.


Even though I didn’t want the responsibility of having another pet, we adopted Chico last year because we thought it would be good for the health of our family. Having a dog helps to reduce stress, and if you have a dog like Chico, he’ll give you smiles each day with the silly things he does.

Here I’ll show you what funny thing Chico did the day before yesterday. Carlos was watching the news when a report about a celebration for street dogs in El Salvador came on. (Or as street dogs are called in El Salvador, “chuchos aguacateros.”)

As you can see, Chico really liked the report and he’s very curious about his cousins in El Salvador.


    • So glad you participated and can’t wait to read your post! Don’t worry about making mistakes – practicing is the only way to get better and I still make mistakes in Spanish all the time!

      If you get a dog, I highly recommend adopting one from your local Humane Society or other pet rescue. Pure bred dogs from breeders will always find a home, but the ones waiting to be adopted are waiting for a family and I swear, they are so grateful and loyal. Chico is our third adopted mixed breed and we love him. He has brought us a lot of happiness and can be your best friend when you’re feeling down. It’s great for the boys to be able to come home to him when they’ve had a bad day :)

  1. Hay un chucho aguacatero que vive al fondo de la colina donde vivimos acá en San Salvador. Lo vemos cada día y le llamamos “nuestro perro.” A veces él no está allí y estamos preocupados, pero siempre regresa. A veces lo vemos con otros chuchos y decimos que ellos son unas malas influencias en nuestro perro. Mi esposo quiere adoptarlo pero pienso que no es una buena idea en realidad.

    Aquí está mi entrada Spanish Friday: http://lavieoverseas.com/?p=4511.

    • Adopting him might not be a good idea in your case since you’ll be traveling to so many countries in the coming years. If he’s friendly, maybe you can find a local family who will take him in or at least look out for him.

      That’s hilarious that you say the other dogs are a bad influence on him. Some of the street dogs in El Salvador do run around together like a little gang jajaja

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