Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Me encanta el chicle. Usualmente compro chicle sin azúcar para no dañar los dientes, pero no pude resistir comprar estos chicles marca Canel’s. El hombre que me los vendió en el mercado de pulgas rió al verme tan feliz. Estos chicles me recuerdan de mi visita a Tijuana y los niños que venden chicles en la calle. Carlos me dijo que también en El Salvador tienen chicles del mismo estilo pero de otra marca.

He escogido dos de cada sabor para probarlos todos, pero resultó que violeta es mi favorito.

¿Qué sabor de chicle más te gusta a ti?


I love chewing gum. Usually I buy sugarless gum so I don’t damage my teeth, but I couldn’t resist buying these Canel’s brand gum. The man who sold the gum to me at the flea market laughed to see how happy I was. This gum reminds me of my trip to Tijuana and the kids who sold gum in the street. Carlos told me they also have similar gum in El Salvador but of a different brand.

I chose two of each flavor to try them all, but it turned out that violet is my favorite.

Which flavor of gum do you like best?


  1. I love violet because it’s so different. I used to get these in NYC for 5 cents back in the day. There’s a Mexican restaurant here that sells them and I about died when I found them.

    Can I just share how lazy I am? I can totally read and write in Spanish but I did both in English because it’s faster.

    • I’m with you on the violet! I was charged 20 cents each one this time… I think people are making a good profit off their popularity and nostalgia LOL

      As for reading and writing in English because it’s faster, I feel ya. That’s why it’s so important for me to do Spanish Friday – it forces me to read and write in Spanish even when I’m feeling lazy or tired.

    • LOL, well, the pink ones for this brand are called “Tutti Frutti” — but when I think of general pink gum, I think of the traditional “bubble gum” flavor.

  2. Me ha hecho gracia “el mercado de pulgas”. En español se dice mercadillo (o rastro).
    You could always rate a mercadillo using pulgas like the stars rating for hotels, hehe and go to a mercadillo 5pulgas.

    • LOL – I know it sounds funny and the most accepted word probably is indeed “mercadillo” but “mercado de pulgas” (or simply “las pulgas”) are actually what the native Spanish speakers I know (my Salvadoran husband and suegra as well as a few Mexicans) call the flea market!

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