Build a Window Shelf & Upcycle Your Bustelo Cans


As a member of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network I received gift cards from Lowe’s in order to purchase supplies to complete projects. All opinions are my own.

This month’s challenge was “window treatments.” It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do because I’m not the type to get excited about curtains and such, plus, I like to let as much sunlight into the house as possible. If we didn’t have neighbors, I probably wouldn’t have blinds at all. So I looked at all my windows and brainstormed. I decided my kitchen window needed a mini-makeover. I have a tendency to keep all kinds of plants and jars in the kitchen window and it was getting crowded, so as you can see in the photo above, I decided to build a shelf into the window.

Building a shelf into a window is probably easier than you think. Here’s how we did it.

Build a Window Shelf

What you need:

measuring tape
a length of board cut to the dimensions of your window
decorative wood trim cut to the length of the board
4 L-brackets
small nails

optional: Paint or wood stain, paint brush


1. Carefully measure the inside frame of your window. You want to get a piece of wood cut to those dimensions. Get a piece of wood trim cut to the same length.

2. If painting or staining the wood, do this before continuing to step 3. We decided to paint our shelf white because eventually we want to paint the window frame and kitchen cabinets white. (So for now, it doesn’t match. Ideally you want to match the wood to the existing window frame color.) When the paint or stain is dry, you can use a hammer and nails to attach the decorative trim to the front side of the shelf. (This will help hide the L-brackets when the shelf is in place.)

3. Decide where within the frame you want the shelf, (i.e. right in the middle or up higher.) Use a pencil to mark where you want to install the L-brackets which will support the shelf. Use a level and the measuring tape to double check that you have marked in the right spot on both sides of the window frame.

4. Install the L-brackets using the screws and screwdriver.

5. Place the wood on top of the L-brackets. Check again with the level in case you need to make adjustments. If it’s level, congratulations, you’ve just built a perfect new window shelf.


Need something to put on your new shelf? Buy a new plant and some potting dirt then put it into an empty coffee can. (I know some of you have plenty of empty Bustelo cans, so make good use of them!)


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