Día de los Muertos Pet Portraits (Giveaway!)


Robin Arthur is an artist out of San Antonio, Texas who creates amazing pet portraits inspired by Día de los Muertos themes and colors. When I stumbled upon her art last week, I contacted her to find out more because I knew you guys would love her work as much as I do. Below is my interview with Robin and a giveaway you can enter for a chance to win a print of her art!

Tell us about these pet portraits you do.

Robin: The portraits are based on photos that my customers send to me via email. I use pencil, pen and acrylic paint to create them. They are painted on wooden, box-like canvases. Sometimes I texture them by building up the paint into 3D textures or by sanding them with sandpaper. Many customers ask me to inject certain design elements into the paintings. For example: one recent customer’s dog takes Prozac, so I was asked to insert a little Prozac pill into the final piece. I love that!

Who/what influences/inspires your art?

Robin: I’ve always been drawn to the bright, warm colors in Mexican folk art. I love the hyper stylistic imagery of the Día de los Muertos holiday, Talavera tiles, Mexican interior design elements, Tex Mex kitsch, and so on. I am also inspired by the love people have for their furry family members and all other animals. I’m inspired by the animal kingdom in general and want to honor the world’s creatures by elevating them to an art form. I love making people happy by painting their beloved companions in my whimsical, silly style. People have been brought to (happy) tears by my paintings. There is so much pain in this world. It’s nice to be a bright spot for someone!


Although you were born and raised in Texas, surrounded by Mexican culture, you yourself are not of Mexican descent – Can you talk a little bit about that? How did Mexican culture become part of you?

Robin: The Mexican culture, while not my own culture, has always been the “wallpaper” of my life. Growing up in Texas means that you are surrounded by Mexican art, music, food, beautiful faces and, of course, the Spanish language. I lived in Arkansas for about 8 months in 2012 and didn’t realize, until I’d left Texas, how much I missed being around the Mexican culture. I’m so glad to be back in Texas!

If someone wanted to hire you to paint one of these portraits of their pet, how does it work?

Robin: The process is explained on my website, but basically, all people do is email me photos of their pets, pay the invoice I send them, and then I paint. It’s super easy!

RobiniArt portraits make great gifts and are a wonderful way to honor a furry family member, past or present. The portraits are completely original, a bright spot for any interior design, and a much better investment than something you can buy in a mall or big box store.


Want to learn more about Robin Arthur’s art? Interested in ordering a custom portrait? Visit RobiniArt.com or “like” her Facebook page here.



Prize description: Robin is giving away one 8×10 print to one lucky random winner, to be picked out by the winner from RobiniArt.com!

How to Enter: To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below sharing a favorite pet memory or telling us what you like best about Robin’s art. (Please read official rules below before entering.)

Official Rules: No purchase necessary. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. You must be able to provide a U.S. address for prize shipment. Your name and address will only be shared with the company/person in charge of prize fulfillment. Please no P.O. Boxes. One entry per household. Make sure that you enter a valid email address in the email address field so you can be contacted if you win. Winner will be selected at random. Winner has 48 hours to respond. After 48 hours, a new winner will be selected at random. Giveaway entries are being accepted between October 2nd, 2013 through October 6th, 2013. Entries received after October 6th, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST, will not be considered. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. If you win, by accepting the prize, you are agreeing that Latinaish.com assumes no liability for damages of any kind. By entering your name below you are agreeing to these Official Rules. Void where prohibited by law.

Buena suerte / Good luck!

Disclosure: No compensation, monetary or otherwise, was given for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.


  1. This looks like a ton of fun. I love the vibrant colors and the variety of breeds she has examples of on her website. My daughter would LOVE to have a print of her pooch!

  2. I loved my dog growing up, I remember late at night when everyone was asleep, he would “do the rounds” sniffing around the house and checking to see everyone was safe in their beds. With my cats I have now I love to think of my girl cat that we got when she was just a few weeks old sleeping on my neck, trying to put her nose in my mouth. She still sneaks in the middle of the night to sleep on top of me.

  3. I’ve always been a cat person, but 5 years ago my husband and I adopted a Newfoundland from a local shelter. I’ve actually always been a bit afraid of big dogs, but this one just stole my heart. He had so much personality and big soulfull brown eyes. He had no idea that he was 120 pounds and loved to be a lap dog. It turned out that that he had epilepsy which we were able to partially manage with medication. We had Sam for 3 years before the seizures finally took him from us. I still say that I’m not a dog person, but I was a Sam person.

  4. This would be such a great piece to display! Definitely a conversation starter.

    I’ve always had a dog growing up. Some of my family’s favorite stories about me from my early childhood in Guatemala include my grandmothers dog ‘campeón’. I was about three years old and whenever I would get upset, angry or in trouble, I would run to campeón. I would throw myself into his fur, wrap my arms around him and start wailing “nadie me quiere! Sólo el campeón me quiere!”

    It always touches my heart to hear stories about campeón and me because it takes me back to my abuelitas house in Guatemala.

  5. I have the most dog like cat, everyday when I get home from work, he’s waiting in the window for me and then as soon as I open the door he’s right there and he starts running around all excitedly.

  6. What a fantastic artist! I have many pet people in my life that I am sending to Robin’s website!
    As far as pet memories, my husband had a dog whose name was “Comotu”. It was the joke of the barrio when anyone asked the dogs name we said “comotu”, and then they proceded to ask “Se llama (fill in their name)?”. no, we responded…. His name is Comotu” :) Just some pet humor for kicks. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  7. I love that these portraits are so colorful. I am a huge dia de Los muertos theme fan so it’s only fitting that I would enjoy an artist that uses that along with my other love- animals. My last dog, who we had the out down a few months back due to cancer, was my world. My favorite memory of her was most recent. When we were watching a scary movie. She was laying on the floor and I screamed a short loud yelp and it scared her. Within a split second she had jumped in my lap. She was a 60 lb pit bull. It was hilarious!

  8. My parents got a black and white tuxedo cat for my brother. He couldn’t decide what to name it, so my father baptized the cat first “Popocatepetl” (like the Mexican volcano, but with emphasis on the word cat) and then “Agamemnon.” My brother finally decided to name the cat Sylvester, but we always called him Bobo.
    Bobo was adorable and he knew it. When he saw one of his humans he would throw himself down and start writhing around on his back, four paws in the air, in greeting. One time he was sunning himself on the roof of the porch when my father came out of the house below. Bobo was so preoccupied with rolling around on his back being cute, that he forgot where he was and fell right off the roof!
    Poor Bobo met a sad end late one night at the hands (paws?) of a predator when he was thirteen years old. That fall, and in many years since, I have put out a little Día de los Muertos ofrenda for him with tuna fish and some newspapers (his favorite thing to lie on, especially when you were reading them.)

  9. I happened upon Robiniart during a web search for sugar skulls. I LOVE sugar skulls and animals and was over joyed to find an original artist who could capture the beauty of both in such brilliant color compilations. The fact that she adds little details about the animal in each of her paintings is such a wonderful way to personalize each portrait. Someday I hope to be able to have her paint a portrait of my beloved pom Bandit who passed away in June 2012. I couldn’t think of a better tribute to him than being memorialized in one her paintings!

  10. These portraits are colorful, beautiful, and fun! I love artwork like this to decorate our American / Mexican home. Sugar skulls are one of the trends that I like and my husband adores! These pictures share the Mexican culture without being cheesy, and that’s a very thin line to tread.

    My husband and I have a 17 pound Maine Coon cat that we adopted when my husband’s coworker lost her home during the recession. Since we don’t have any children I don’t have a baby to cuddle up with but I do have the best fur baby. He earns his keep around the house by hunting our property and leaving us moles, mice, and large rabbits on our doorstep. We love these paintings and love Don Gato, the two together would be quite the piece!

    (I’ve been following your blog for a while Tracy but this is the first time I’ve commented. Thank you for sharing your experiences, this is a great and needed blog!)

    Nicole Del Bosque

  11. I was never fortunate enough to have a pet growing up. However, this artwork reminds me of my beloved collection of alibrijes from Oaxaca. My most treasured visits to Oaxaca each time I brought back several alibrijes. I would love a piece of this artwork to display in my home alongside my collection.

  12. I would love to see my lbunny decked out in this this unique and colorful way. . the art is absolutely gorgeous!

    My favorite Pet memory is of a beagle that I had named stinkyratdog. She loved to climb on the back of my mom’s chair behind her head. And she would just hang out there… A challenge for my mom because she WAS a stinky dog. I don’t have my mom or the dog any more but I always have that memory.

  13. My favorite pet memory is my dog, Bodo. He was my protector. When I was little some kids were picking on me in front of my house and Bodo came out and scared them away. He never would have bitten them but he was a Weimaraner and was as big as I was!

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