Maní con Chile y Limón


Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Carlos y yo somos opuestos en muchas maneras. Yo prefiero los bocadillos dulces, pero Carlos le gusta bocadillos salados. Muchas veces Carlos hace cosas a sus bocadillos por hacerlos más sabrosos que los niños y yo encontramos un poco extraño. Por ejemplo, Carlos le gusta comer su maní con una cuchara después de poner jugo de limón y chile Tajín.


(Me sorprendí al descubrir que en realidad sabe bien así.)

¿Cuál es tu bocadillo favorito?


Carlos and I are opposites in a lot of ways. Me, I prefer sweet snacks, but Carlos likes salty and savory snacks. A lot of times Carlos does things to his snacks to make them tastier that the boys and I find a little strange. For example, Carlos likes to eat his peanuts with a spoon after he squeezes lime juice on them and seasons them with Tajín chili seasoning.

(I was surprised to discover it’s actually good like that.)

What is your favorite snack?


  1. Amo comer cacahuates con limon y chile! But we use salsa Valentina instead of Tajin. It’s messy, but we eat them with our hands. Speaking of Tajin, one of my favorite snacks is orange wedges sprinkled with salt and Tajin. So good! I eat them every day when oranges are in season.

    I have a little surprise for you. I posted a Spanish Friday post today on my casa blog. :)

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