Giving Tuesday & Visiting Perritos


Have you heard of Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday, (celebrated December 3rd this year) is a national day of giving, a movement that was created last year to encourage people to take part in charitable activities and to support non-profits. I wanted to do my part to spread the word and hopefully inspire others by sharing my family’s Giving Tuesday story.

You see that cute pup who looks ready to tackle the Christmas tree in the photo above? For those who don’t know, that’s Chico. We adopted Chico from our local Humane Society last year. For Giving Tuesday, we decided we wanted to donate supplies to them so they can continue to do what they do – find homes for deserving cats and dogs.


Since I’m a Lowe’s blog ambassador and receive gift cards to complete my monthly projects, I decided to make use of one of the gift cards that had leftover money on it by buying most of the supplies at Lowe’s. If you want to donate to your local Humane Society, call or visit their website to find out what they need and accept. Our Humane Society listed specific cleaning and pet supplies. Besides these items from Lowe’s, (plus some cute Christmas stockings I couldn’t resist) we bought a couple bags of kitty litter and cat food, too.


My boys carried the supplies to the car and we went as a family to the Humane Society to drop them off, (well, drop them off and visit the animals for a little while.)


There were over a dozen dogs awaiting homes and it was hard to walk away from them. We stayed and talked to each one for a couple minutes. I don’t know if they understood me, but I told each one they would be adopted soon and to hang in there. I got a little choked up doing this. Also, you’re not supposed to stick your fingers through the bars, but after letting each dog sniff my closed fist and reading its body language, I did pet most of them. Some of them were so hungry for love that they’d lean against the bars trying to get closer to me.

After visiting with the dogs, we visited with the cats. Our Humane Society allows some of the cats free roam of a closed room full of toys and everything they could possibly need. Carlos kept complaining that he didn’t want to go to the cat room because he doesn’t like cats but after a few minutes, I caught him like this.


Hmmm, does that look like someone who doesn’t like cats to you?

Leaving was bittersweet but it was literally closing time and we had to go. I think we all felt happy that we were able to give a little something but sad that we weren’t able to do more, so this is my attempt at doing more by spreading the word.

If you didn’t know about Giving Tuesday, or hadn’t planned to participate, I hope you’ll consider it. You can support any organization or cause you feel passionate about, but if you’re an animal lover and have room in your home, I hope you’ll consider adoption. There are plenty of sweet dogs and cats waiting for you to make them part of your family.

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. This post was in no way encouraged by The Humane Society, Lowe’s, or any of the product brands shown.

9 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday & Visiting Perritos

  1. I love the idea of Giving Tuesday! I had never heard of it before today, but it gives me a reason to donate a bunch of toys I have (purchased over the years with the thought that we would have a birthday party or something to go to to give them away – they are still in my closet.) Toys for Tots, here I come!

    • That’s fantastic, Amanda! It feels good to know that things you weren’t using will find a loving home. Carlos and my older son just cleaned out closets and the shed this past week and donated clothes, bicycles and other things, to our local homeless shelter. One of the guys who takes in the donations got really excited about the adult size bicycle and it made us really happy since we know he’ll be using it possibly daily when we had only been taking it out maybe once a year.

      Have fun donating and thank you for commenting!

    • I get choked up every time I see that photo of the yellow lab in the post… Honestly, the cats at the Humane Society were pretty chill about the situation. They all seemed to love visitors and of course would probably prefer a home over being there, but by nature the dogs REALLY wanted to be with people and found ways to make it known through the look in their eyes, licking your hand, crying, etc. It broke my heart not to be able to take at least some of them with me but as you know, we have our hands full with Chico already!

      As for the supplies from Lowe’s — I was surprised to discover the pet aisle but, yes, all of the pet supplies in that photo were from Lowe’s. At my Lowe’s, the pet aisle is near the garden center, one aisle over from bird feeders.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Giving Tuesday, but it’s a great idea! My organization has adopted three programs to give to all year: Interfaith Council (food and clothes), School for Migrant Children (toys and clothes), and Palomar Child Abuse Facility (new toys and hugging pillows).
    I’m so proud of you for your generosity and including the boys in your efforts.

  3. The ONLY thing my daughter has asked for for Christmas for the last four(?) years has been a dog. She always ends up with the cutest stuffed ones. Poor thing. I would love to adopt one and your post makes me want to even more! I’ve never even been a dog person. But we have our hands full with Carmen now. I think donating supplies there this month is do-able though…as long as we remain strong going in that we’re just there to visit. Great idea!

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