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Carlos wouldn’t describe me as an organized person but it seems to me I’m always organizing something, and this past month I tackled an area of our casita we were both unhappy with – the laundry room.


First let me explain, our house is small – So small in fact that we don’t have a basement, garage, attic or extra bedroom, (also known as the places most people stash all kinds of random, little-used and seasonal things.) Because of this lack of storage space, the laundry room has become our “catch all” area – specifically, the shelf hidden behind the blue curtain.

The level of disorganization behind that curtain was so horrible that I was too ashamed to even take a photo of it. Something had to be done.

We took down the curtain (which is on an adjustable rod), and then sorted everything into categories. Some of the things we kept, some we donated and some went into the trash.

Next we removed the wire shelving so we could give the scratched up wall a much needed coat of paint after first repairing emergency “access doors” that had been haphazardly cut into the drywall to fix leaks years ago.

Taping off the trim with painter’s tape made the job easier. I let my younger son choose the paint color and he chose “Green Supreme” by Valspar.

Once the paint had dried, we had a decision to make. We could install cabinets which is more difficult and much more expensive, or we could put the wire shelving back and organize our things into baskets. I chose the basket route which I think was the right choice since a lot of important pipes are inside that wall and putting up cabinets would make it difficult to access them in an emergency.

I also decided not to get rid of the curtain entirely as I had originally planned – reinstalling it under the shelf meant I could hide the unsightly washer hoses, (and this also helps prevent the loss of runaway calcetines that somehow get flung back there.)


We’re much happier with the way it looks and being organized is a great way to start the new year.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

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7 thoughts on “Organízate!

  1. Tracy, you are a saint to tackle this job. I am a big fan of the shelf-and-basket approach. My favorite “baskets” are plastic kitty litter trays, which you can pick up at any pet supply store. They are cheap and spacious, and stack when not needed. Also perfect for under-the-bed storage.

    I read this tip ages ago in a book called “Confessions of a Happily Organized Homemaker” which I’m sure you would really enjoy.

    • Kitty litter trays! I never would have thought of using them like that LOL… I was just organizing under the bed last night. My favorite “trick” is to store the luggage under there and to store little-used items inside them.

  2. What a great make-over!!! Our house is the same way…no storage whatsoever…but everything ends up in our bedroom closet. We often clean it up every few months and declare it our favorite room in the house…until a few weeks later when it’s back to its old ways.

    We put a wire shelf up above our washer and dryer a few months ago and I love it…but I definitely need to get some baskets to make it look more organized. I’m very excited to start simplifying our house and getting rid of stuff for the new year!!

    • Our bedroom closet is another shameful area for miscellaneous storage LOL… We are tackling it little by little. Last night I stayed up until 3 am organizing and cleaning out my desk, craft supplies, and under the bed. Today Carlos cleaned out the front foyer closet and got rid of a few extra coats we don’t need. Tomorrow I’m planning to give a bunch of papers to my younger son to shred. I love the idea of simplifying too – it’s difficult when I have so many random things with sentimental value though, (plus I end up reading things instead of sorting them!)

      As for baskets – They are my lifesaver. I just started making use of baskets and bins more this past year and I love how things look less cluttered.

      Good luck organizing in the new year! Abrazos!

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