Tacos, Tango & Fútbol (Windows Apps!)

I’m part of the Windows Champions Program. As a Windows Champion, I have been loaned a Surface Pro 2, a Venue 8 Pro, and, on occasion, Microsoft products such as software to assist me in developing content for my blog posts. All opinions are my own.

Some of you may know that last year I was a blog ambassador/”Windows Champion” for Microsoft Windows 8. My monthly posts shared tips and apps on SpanglishBaby and LatinaBloggersConnect because I was a blog ambassador on behalf of those websites, but this year in addition to the occasional post over on LatinaBloggersConnect, I’ll be a Windows 8.1 ambassador on behalf of my own blog, Latinaish!

My question for you guys is, what would you like to get out of these posts?

Let me know what you’d like to hear about in comments below. Also, if you ever have any Windows 8.1 questions, feel free to comment here or tweet me. Consider me your new Windows 8.1 amiga. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I’ll be happy to find out for you.

Now, for this first post, here are three apps que me encantan (because the apps are my favorite thing!)

¡Windows Apps Que Me Encantan!

tacomaster Taco Master – App description: “So you think you got what it takes to be a Taco Master? Take orders and throw together some fresh, tasty tacos as quick as you can in this fast-paced, streamlined time management game. Use a variety of ingredients from delicious spiced sausage to tongue melting chilies! Feel the heat as the orders fly in and you have to put together some crazy combinations.”I don’t usually get obsessed with passing new levels in games, but Taco Master is an exception! Highly addictive – you have been warned.

gambetas Gambetas – App description: “In this ability game you can control Jorge “El Jerbo” Quintana, a soccer player who aspires to be the best soccer dribbler in Latin American history. Jorge wishes to score some goals but his mayor satisfaction is to trick his opponents on the field, whereby you should help Jorge jump, evade or dribble his opponents on the field.”This is a great one for the niños!

tangotube Tango Tube – App description: “Ever wanted to dance Tango but never knew how? Ever tried to learn Tango but never found someone to teach you? Now, you can learn how to Tango with [this] series of video lessons brought to you in one place. Learn, dance and spread the love of Tango!”The narrator kind of reminds me of the narrator of film strips we watched in 5th grade health class on reproduction (in a good way, somehow) and the two dancers, Osvaldo and Maura, are quite seductive. I’m a little embarrassed by how long I watched these videos without any intention of actually learning the dance.

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