How to type Spanish characters on a Samsung Galaxy s4


Disclosure: has partnered with Cricket Wireless as a 2014 Blog Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

In high school, my Spanish teacher was very strict about accents. If a student spelled a word without its accent, it was marked wrong – no mercy! For a student whose native language doesn’t really utilize accents, this seemed rather harsh, but eventually I got so used to it that now I get annoyed when I’m typing on a new device and can’t figure out where the accented characters are. After all, on New Years, I don’t want to wish all my Spanish-speaking friends a “Feliz Ano Nuevo.”

That being said, finding the Spanish accented characters was one of the first things I did on the Samsung Galaxy s4. They aren’t immediately apparent on the onscreen keyboard, so I made this little video to help you find them, too.

Happy texting!

You can learn more about Cricket Wireless in Spanish here, or in English here. You can also follow the #VidaConCricket hashtag and @MiCricket on Twitter.


  1. Oh, good grief! “Feliz Ano Nuevo” is the worst! And typing “anio” or “anyo” won’t make it any better. I even saw someone try to get away with “anho” and all I could think was, “This is Spanish, not Portuguese!”:If all else fails, alt+164, folks!

  2. In all my years in Spanish, I’d never heard it…your ‘feliz ano nuevo’ made me laugh out loud. I’ve never been a stickler for accents on the computer, but definitely when writing on paper. Now I may have to think twice about leaving stuff off!

  3. For high school students, the año/ano jokes never get old. But as much as they laugh about “¿Cuántos anos tienes?” they still manage to forget the ~ in their compositions!

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