Hasta Aquí No Más


If you’re anything like me, it’s important to you to teach your sons to be respectful of women, but there’s a campaign I was made aware of recently that made me realize, as a mother, I can do more. The “Hasta Aquí No Más” campaign encourages men to speak up when other men are being disrespectful or abusive toward women. Speaking up when someone isn’t acting right may sound like a no-brainer, but it takes courage to do it in certain situations, and when there is machismo in the cultural mix, it can be harder still to take an unpopular stance when in a group with other males.

Although the pressure is intense for teenagers, even married adult men can find themselves in awkward situations.

After seeing these videos, I’m taking a pledge to sit down and talk to my sons about the topic. Our boys and young men need to know, it takes more of a man to stand up for what’s right, than to stay silent just to maintain the false appearance of manliness and approval of peers.

Break the silence. Spread the word. Rompe el silencio. Pasa la voz. #HastaAquiNoMas

What do you think of this campaign? Have you talked to your son/s about this topic? If you’re a man, do you find it difficult to speak up in defense of women when other men around you are being disrespectful?

Learn more about this campaign at Draw-the-line.


  1. I like the distinction that you saw on both videos… One as a teaching tool to teenagers and younger and the other depicts the awkwardness of adult men in these situations. Concise and to the point. Thanks.

  2. This is definitely needed in Latin America! The problem is no one (including the moms who raised these men!) takes it seriously. It’s just a joke, or it’s just something the “lower classes” do (as has been told to me by latinos of the upper class). Yea right…
    The worst men are those that are nice and decent to you, and treat you like a human being, but really only care about sleeping woth you, that’s it (happened to my friend- she said no).

    It’s way worse for white women though – a lot of latinos (from any country/social class) think they’re “easy” and “love latinos”. Combine this with the fact that gringas tend to be friendly to everyone while traveling abroad, which gets misinterpreted as flirting, and it’s a bad combination. I can easily pass for latina, so while it still bothers me to have some creep whistle/stare/make comments, I know it would be wayyyyy worse if I was gringa. I’ve been in Latin America before, and I always hated how men stereotyped gringas, even though I’m not one. It was just so disgusting and rude, and just ruined the country for a lot of gringas. Shame. That stereotype needs to die, there’s “easy” and “hard” women in every country, including latin ones.

    Sorry for the rant, but this really bothers me. Not every latino is like that, but a good bit are. There’s a reason latino dads are known for being overprotective, and that’s because they know what the men are like. I hope I didn’t get too overboard – ladies this is not true for all latinos, I’m just saying!

  3. This is so great! I have a younger brother and I was recently thinking of how I should talk to him concerning girls and women. The machismo that runs in Latin American culture is strong and leads our men to treat women with disrespect and as mothers or older sisters, we need to educate our young men (and maybe older men) to not be machista. I’m so glad you posted this and will soooo take a look at these videos!

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