5 Hechos Sobre Nosotros


Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Ser perfectamente honesta, no sé qué escribir hoy para Spanish Friday, entonces, vamos a tratar algo nuevo. Voy a compartir 5 hechos sobre Carlos y yo que nunca compartí – pero si lo lees tú, tienes que dejarme 5 hechos sobre ti en los comentarios. ¿Trato hecho? ¡Vamos!

#1. Me quebré un hueso en el pie cuando era un adolescente. Carlos quebró un dedo en el trabajo hace muchos años. A veces nosotros dos tenemos un poco de dolor donde nos quebramos cuando llueve.

#2. Tamarindo es el sabor favorito de Carlos cuando compramos Jarritos. Para mi, el tamarindo es el sabor menos agradable.

#3. Quejas más comunes de Carlos sobre mí: que estoy en la computadora demasiado, que cambio la estación de radio demasiado, que tengo el perro demasiado consentido. Quejas más comunes de mi sobre Carlos: que se enoje muy fácil, que quiere todo perfecto, que sólo le gusta ver las películas de acción con un montón de explosiones.

#4. El personaje de una película o programa de televisión que Carlos dice es más como yo: “Kathleen Kelly” en You’ve Got Mail. El personaje de una película o programa de televisión que yo digo es más como Carlos: “Danny Castellano” en The Mindy Project. (Estamos hablando de personalidad, no

#5. Cosas que me dan miedo: la mayoría de los insectos y personas en trajes (incluyendo los payasos.) Cosas que le dan miedo a Carlos: “Nada” dice, (¡pero no le creas!)


To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what to write today for Spanish Friday so let’s try something new. I will share 5 facts about myself and Carlos that I never shared before – but if you read it, you have to leave me 5 facts about yourself in the comments. Deal? Let’s go!

#1. I broke a bone in my foot when I was a teenager. Carlos broke a finger at work many years ago. Sometimes we both have some pain where we were injured when it rains.

#2. Tamarind is Carlos’s favorite flavor when we buy Jarritos. To me, tamarind is the least palatable.

#3. Common complaints Carlos has about me: I’m on the computer too much, I change the radio station too much, I spoil the dog too much. Common complaints I have about Carlos: he loses his temper too easily, he wants everything to be perfect, he only likes action movies with a lot of explosions.

#4. The character in a movie or TV show that Carlos thinks is most like me: “Kathleen Kelly” in You’ve Got Mail. The character in a movie or TV show that I think is most like Carlos: “Danny Castellano” on The Mindy Project. (We’re talking about personality, not appearance.)

#5. Things that scare me: most insects and people in costumes, (including clowns.) Things that scare Carlos: He says “Nothing.” (But don’t believe him!)

8 thoughts on “5 Hechos Sobre Nosotros

  1. Ok, I’ll play :) 5 things about me………
    1. I have only been stung by a bee once- on the foot. I had no idea bees could live in the ground. I was barefoot outside. Hurt like heck. 24 years later and the memory is still fresh.
    2. I am still a terrible spanish speaker which surprises everyone since I have been with my hubby for almost 17 years and my mom is Mexican. I have been to Mex countless times with hubby, lived with his parents who barely speak English on and off for years, etc. I am just terrible with verbs ans their present/ past tenses.
    3. I have lived in chicagoland my whole life and I hate it. I tried to get hubby to move somewhere warm and different this past year but I guess his one big move/change from Mex City to USA when he was 17 was enough for him. He says we can move to mex when we retire. :/
    4. I always said I would never have kids and now I have a 10, 7 , and 6 year old. And now I am expecting girl #3 in 11 or so weeks. Neversay never.
    And these get harder and harder!
    5. Random things: I love jarritos tamarindo flavor, surfing the internet ( which hubby hates but I don’t do it when he is around), and dancing cumbias ( which I am terrible at since I have no rhythm).


    • Thanks for the comment, Juanita! I’ve been stung by a bee once on the foot too! Same way – I stepped on it on accident. I also like to dance cumbia whether I’m doing it right or not ;)

      Wow, congrats on your upcoming fourth child! Take care of yourself!

  2. My husband is from El Salvador also :)
    We’ve been married 19 years.
    We have 4 kids some that speak Spanish, some that won’t :)
    I love cooking and finding new recipes. I’m going to be trying your recipe for tamales de gallina next week.

    • Hi Jennifer! Wow, 19 years and 4 kids! Felicidades to you and your esposo salvadoreño.

      Good luck with the tamales! It’s a lot of work, but hopefully they turn out for you :)

    • Yeah – can’t get away from that flavor in Mexico either – at least that’s what it seems from the Mexican candies available here in the U.S. … Maybe it’s a taste you have to acquire from childhood.

  3. This is fun…let’s see if I can think of five things:

    1. I took ballet for eight years growing up and planned on being a professional ballerina. When I quit at 16, I never took another class again…although you will catch me still doing ballet around the house sometimes.

    2. My first job was at Burger King. I also worked at Arby’s, Wendy’s, and Kings Dominion during college summers.

    3. I had my gall bladder out and a kidney stone before. Both times I was in so much pain when I went to the hospital, I would have been happy to have gone on to heaven. But now I’m glad I didn’t.

    4. I met my husband when I went to Bolivia with Habitat for Humanity. He was our tour guide. We’ve been married for almost 12 years and have four kids now.

    5. I’ve always loved languages. I started Spanish in 7th grade…Sra. Fox was my most favorite teacher of all time. I took Spanish and French in high school, sign language in college, and studied Russian, German and Cherokee for fun in my spare time. But I really only speak Spanish and English.

    • Thanks for playing along, Susan! :)

      I can see you as a ballerina. Around that age I was training to become a martial arts instructor, believe it or not. Like you, one day I stopped and haven’t had a class since, but I practice a few “moves” here and there around the house ;)

      I didn’t know that’s how you met your husband. How romantic!

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