Brazilian Bon Bons (Brigadeiros)


With the World Cup coming up, I’ve got my mind on Brazil – but more specifically, I can’t stop thinking about Brazilian food. I did some research (also known as looking at photos of food for several hours) and have come to a conclusion – my life needs more Brazilian food in it. During the World Cup, my cocina will become a cozinha, (you guys are pretty smart so I don’t have to tell you that’s Portuguese for “kitchen”, right?)

Since I have pretty much zero experience in Brazilian cuisine, I decided to start out with the easiest recipe I could find.

Brigadeiros are basically Brazilian bon bons, or maybe more accurately, truffles. From what I read, they are the most popular candy in Brazil and essential at children’s birthday parties.


I love how mine turned out. They’re like little soccer balls (how perfect!) … And the ones with the little round sprinkles remind me of Huichol beaded art.

If you want to make a batch of brigadeiros, the recipe I used is on From Brazil To You.

Anyone want to join me in learning to make some Brazilian dishes during the World Cup? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Hi, Tracy! What a pleasure to see your pretty brigadeiro soccer balls. You did an awesome job! Although this is an easy recipe, many people experience problems to get the right consistency/thickness at first… Hooray to you!

    Brigadeiros are a family fave. I have to confess it is quite hard to wait until the “dough” is rolled into balls so my family and I eat brigadeiro by spoonfuls often. :) Thanks a lot for the link and enjoy this treat! I hope you can visit us more for other Brazilian recipes. Have a great weekend!

  2. I got completely addicted to them when I was in Brazil in 2008. And they have EVERYTHING “brigadeiro-flavoured”: cakes, ice-cream, cookies… It’s a drug!

    Brazilian food is really good, I loved it here.

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