¡Vamos USA!


Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Crest® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.

The tagline of Crest®’s current campaign is “Más lejos llega tu equipo, más cerca estás” and it’s totally true; with each game, our familia gets closer – not just physically during goal celebrations which turn into hugging-jumping-up-and-down-mini-fiestas, but we’ve had a great time bonding and creating traditions.

I always say I’m not superstitious, and I often tease Carlos because he’s very superstitious, but I have a few “traditions” which make me feel more confident about my team winning a game.

When Mexico was still in, my tradition was to put a can of sweet peas next to the television. My kids were confused the first time until I explained that in Spanish, sweet peas are called “chícharos” – and Chicharito’s nickname is “little pea.” Now it all made sense! (Well, sort of. It still might be a little weird.)


When the US team plays, first of all, everyone in the family is required to wear their American flag T-shirt, (we still need to invest in the official jersey now that, thankfully, the team no longer looks like Where’s Waldo.)

Second, we eat hot dogs during every game the United States plays. I like to make my hot dogs sort of “Sonoran style” with a slice of bacon, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, chopped tomato, onion and jalapeño on a bun which I toast for a few seconds on the comal. They’re delicious, but after eating them, your breath will be kicking.

After I finish my hot dogs I usually run off for a minute to brush my teeth, (and hope I don’t miss any of the action!) Since I signed up for this campaign, I bought Crest® Complete + Scope because I wanted to make sure it’s a good product, and that’s the toothpaste I’ve been using. It’s kind of awesome that it’s an “all in one” toothpaste. Not only does it whiten teeth, fight cavities, and prevent tartar, but it has mouthwash built right into it so you don’t knock out any of your family members yelling “¡GOOOOOOOOOOL!”

If you want to #CelebrateCloser and give Crest® Complete + Scope a try, here’s some coupons! (Click here!)

What are your family soccer traditions? How do you celebrate during fútbol games, and which teams are you cheering on? … We can’t wait for today’s game at our house. ¡Vamos USA!

2 thoughts on “¡Vamos USA!

  1. We don’t really have any traditions. This is the first time we’ve really watched the games together…although usually by the half, my oldest daughter has wandered away saying it’s boring (what?!) and my youngest son circles the room shooting imaginary bad guys. The baby took a HUGE nap during the USA game, so I was able to watch the whole thing. While I felt like I was watching one of my daughter’s old soccer games where the goalie got the most workout, it was thrilling watching Howard save all those goals!! And I can’t believe how many times I yelled out and jumped up during those last few minutes of the game.

    I haven’t seen all the teams play yet, but I liked how Belgium played. I usually root for the underdog in any matchup and told my husband that’s why I don’t like watching sports, because someone always loses and I feel bad for them.

    I was shocked the other day…my husband said, “I like watching games with you. You always say nice things about the teams.” I’ll take a compliment from him any day. Yay, World Cup! It’s kind of like a good book…you don’t want to finish it, because then it’s over.

    • Awh, what a great compliment from your husband!

      I also end up feeling badly for someone, usually even when I wanted the other team to lose – they’re still humans and it just sucks to know they’re going to be feeling bad for the rest of the day/week/month, depending on the individual. (Especially when it comes down to a goal keeper not blocking a shot that ends up deciding the game, or a player not making a crucial penalty shot.)

      It’s “just a game” but, in some ways it’s not – especially for the athletes – it’s their career and identity in a lot of ways.

      I’m a bit depressed today now that the U.S. is out… I think I’m going to cheer on the Ticos (Costa Rica) now, but I’d be pleased to see Colombia or Argentina win as well. I’d like to see a Latin American country take the trophy home.

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