20 Gifs Only Gringas Married to Latinos Can Understand

Well, okay, the title of this post is a little bit specific to my personal experience, but truthfully, a lot of bilingual and/or bicultural people will relate. Which ones ring true for you?

#1. awkward-get-together

When you have a family get-together and you’re sitting between your monolingual English-speaking family and monolingual Spanish-speaking in-laws.

#2. bad-accent-reaction

When you overhear other gringos mispronounce Spanish words, such as “jalapeño” so it sounds like “hala-pee-no.”

#3. do-you-speak-spanish-telemarketer

When telemarketers call your house and ask, “¿Habla español usted, señora?”

#4. yeah-i-understand

When a native Spanish speaker seriously overestimates your fluency and starts talking crazy fast in a dialect or accent you aren’t used to but you have too much pride to ask them to slow down.

#5. husband-likes-your-cooking-better

When your spouse says you cook his/her native food better than your suegra.

#6. i-have-a-right

When you and your spouse get into an argument brought on by cultural differences and you suddenly feel very patriotic.

#7. im-bilingual-girl

When another chick tries to flirt with your spouse right in front of you.

#8. jacksparrow-spying

When you’re in an aisle at the grocery store and people start having what they think is a private conversation out loud in Spanish, not realizing you understand every word.

#9. pigs-feet

When you’re eating at an in-law’s house and they tell you what parts of the animal the food is made from.

#10. should-i-intervene

When you see a native Spanish-speaker struggling to communicate with an impatient cashier in English and you aren’t sure if you should intervene/help them out because you don’t want to offend them.

#11. spanish-genius

When your spouse forgets a word in their native Spanish, and you remember it before they do.

#12. when-suegra-says

When your suegra says something to you in Spanish that has a double meaning and after a few seconds, you realize it was a backhanded compliment meant to insult you.

#13. witch-eyes

When you visit your spouse’s native country and people compliment your eye color.

#14. waitwhat

The way people look at you in a doctor’s waiting room when they call out your Spanish last name and you stand up.

#15. muy-excited

When you forget a Spanish word mid-sentence and you’re like, screw it.

#16. not-sure-gif

When you fill out paperwork and come to the “Are you Hispanic or Latino/a?” question.

#17. do-i

When someone says, “¡Guau! Hablas muy bien el español.”

#18. glam

When you get ready to go to a party or event hosted by Latino friends or family… (or go out for tacos.)

#19. personal-space

When, even after all these years, you still have very strong gringo/a preferences for personal space.

#20. shrug-seinfeld

When newly married bicultural couples ask you and your spouse how you’ve managed to stay together so long and are hoping for some really wise words to guide their marriage.


  1. I spent my childhood summers in Lisbon, with my Portuguese grandfather and French Grandmother. Otherwise, I was raised by my blonde haired, blue-eyed Anglo-American mono-lingual single-mother in California. But speaking three languages was not enough; having dated several Mexicanas in SoCal, now I am also fluent in Spanish.
    Several of the observations you cite hit home: well-written all around.
    In addition to your observations I also get the ‘you must be so exotic’ treatment, particularly at parties or Meet and Greets when all I want to do is scarf down a plate of chips.

  2. Yes I can relate to this – lived in Bolivia for 10 years have two adopted daughters form Bolivia and a son-in-law and a foster daughter and my two Biokids still live there. We still speak and think in Spanish!! Lots of connections.

  3. Cute article!!!! Some of these do not apply to me cuz I live in Mexico (like the last name thing – no name change for marriage down here!) but I LOVE the part about understanding ppl who think u dont understand them when I visit home! When I visit the US and tell ppl I live in Mexico they are like what???? haha ;) It also is fun explaining to ppl that Mexico is just as physically diverse as the US, too! It blows their minds lol!

  4. Hilarious and so true!

    How about “when you forget to unwrap the tamal” or “when suegra keeps asking when she’ll get nietos”

  5. This is so right on, I have been married to one guy from Mexico and then 28 years with one from El Salvador. I love this ,it is funny when you look back at what you say on a daily basis.

  6. Love this! So true! I’m a gringa married to a beautiful Latino. I love our differences as much as our similarities!

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