Videoblogueras Salvadoreñas

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Parece que cada año salen más videoblogueras de El Salvador en YouTube, enseñando como hacer las ricas recetas salvadoreñas y asegurandose que la cultura salvadoreña no se pierda, incluso para los salvadoreños en el extranjero. Hoy quiero dar un “shout out” a las mejores videoblogueras salvadoreñas.

#1. FranciscaBo

#2. LaCocina deLupita

#3. Cocinando Con Ingrid

#4. Carmen Orellana


It seems that each year there are more Salvadoran video bloggers on YouTube showing how to make delicious Salvadoran recipes and ensuring the Salvadoran culture isn’t lost, even for the Salvadorans living abroad. Today I want to give a “shout out” to the best Salvadoran video bloggers.


  1. I’ve seen la cocina de lupitas videos, she does make authentic food from el salvador, I think its really interesting that a couple years ago when people thought of Latin food they thought “Mexican” and now so many people know and love churrascos, pupusas, barbacoa, tapas, and even gringos are are having taco wars to come up with the most inventive tacos! I like authentic, and food from El Salvador is some ofthe best.

  2. I’ve watched videos from all the channels in the past, except for the first one. Though I appreciate what they are doing, I find it super disheartening that so many savory recipes I come across use cubito aka consome del pollo en polvo. I eat clean, just started cooking a couple of years ago, and do not have anyone to teach me the recipes I grew up with. My family never used these ingredients high in additives and sodium, and the food was delicious. Everything was flavored naturally with herbs, spices, roots, and vegetables. It is such a shame that so much of that art of natural cooking is disappearing.

    I have read in previous posts that you enjoy Mexican food a lot, so I’d like to share an awesome channel where everything is done from scratch. Cocina Al Natural with Sonia Ortiz. It is so awesome and I have made so many recipes that my husband just loves. Now if only there was a Salvadoran version of that youtube channel so I could introduce my white husband to more of the delicious food I grew up with.

    • Thanks for the YouTube channel recommendation – I’ll definitely check it out!

      I agree with you about the cubitos. My suegra uses them a lot so I’m not surprised to see them in Salvadoran recipes online. I discovered that the MSG in cubitos gives me headaches so I always try to avoid it by substituting natural herbs like oregano, turmeric, and garlic powder, real chicken or vegetable broth and salt.

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