Café Mayorga

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Hace mucho tiempo he querido visitar Café Mayorga en Wheaton Mall en el estado de Maryland. Finalmente fuimos el fin de semana pasado para tomar un cafecito y comer algocito dulce. Aquí hay unas fotos de nuestra visita.






Tomamos unos cafés cubanitos pero Carlos tuvo que añadir mucha leche y azúcar. A pesar de que añadió un montón de leche y azúcar me dijo que todavia era demasiado fuerte para él. (¡Es café expreso! No sé qué esperaba.) Con mi café disfruté de un alfajor y Carlos comió una oreja de elefante. Por la mayor parte él utilizó el café sólo para remojar la oreja de elefante pero a mi me gustó tanto como mi café y la galleta.

Nuestra visita a “Café Latino” salió un poco caro, pero entiendo que es por calidad y me gusta apoyar las empresas que tratan bien a sus fuentes, socios y trabajadores en América Latina – y eso hace Café Mayorga. Si pasas por el área, te recomiendo parar por un cafecito auténtico y una delicia.


For quite awhile I’ve wanted to visit Café Mayorga in Wheaton Mall in Maryland. Finally we went this past weekend to have a cup of coffee and a little something sweet. Here are a few photos from our visit.

We drank little Cubano coffees but Carlos had to add a lot of milk and sugar. Even though he added a mountain of milk and sugar he told me it was still too strong for him. (It’s espresso! I’m not sure what he was expecting.) With my coffee I enjoyed an alfajor and Carlos ate an elephant ear. For the most part Carlos used his coffee to dip his elephant ear into, but as for me, I really liked both my coffee and cookie.

Our visit to “Café Latino” turned out a little expensive but I understand it’s for the quality and I like to support businesses that treat their sources, partners and workers in Latin America well – and Café Mayorga does. If you pass by the area, I recommend you stop by for a little authentic coffee and a treat.

2 thoughts on “Café Mayorga

  1. Hahaha! Carlos like his coffee like I like mine. Once at work I bought a coffee and after I added all my sugar and cream, took it to pay for it. The owner is part of the sight impaired organization and said to me ‘did you want some coffee to go with that sugar?’ I rolled. I love it sweet. Both cookies look good. I’ll have to remember if I ever go out to Wheaton mall which is rare.

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