Conversations at Casa López – Part 6

Here we go – my family’s most recent “bilingual moments” and funny conversations. (Be sure to share your recent funny conversations in comments!)

Tracy: Mejor el perro malo que conoces que el perro que no conoces.

– Tracy mixing up the dicho “Más vale lo malo conocido que lo bueno por conocer.”

Carlos: “Tracy, why are you talking so loud? You’re like a vieja tamalera. ”

– Carlos when I was apparently talking too loud early in the morning

13 year old son: How do you say ‘pig’ in Spanish?

Tracy: Cerdo.

13 year old son: … But I thought it was ‘cuche’?

(“Cuche” is Salvadoran slang for pig.)

Tracy: The boys both need new earbuds again.

Carlos: Again? Both of them?

Tracy: Yeah… Hey, is there a Salvadoran Spanish word for someone who always breaks or loses things?

Carlos: Yeah, irresponsables.

13 year old son: You’re always watching that.

Tracy:: [shrugs] I like it and they always play re-runs.

13 year old son: But you never finish it. Is “La Fea Más Bella” a series or a movie?

Carlos: It’s a soap opera.

13 year old son: What’s that?

Tracy: A telenovela.

13 year old son: Oh. Why didn’t you just say that?

Tracy: ¿Estas tortillas son hechas de harina o de trigo?

Carlos’s friend: Maíz.

[I was trying to ask if they were flour or corn tortillas but for some reason I stupidly asked if they were tortillas made from wheat or flour – which is the same thing. Basically, “Are these flour tortillas or flour tortillas?”]

Carlos: I got everything we need to make the Smurfs.

Tracy: S’mores.

Carlos: Oh, right. Smurfs are pitufos.

6 thoughts on “Conversations at Casa López – Part 6

  1. So funny…I love these conversations. Can you hold verano de español at my house this summer? My Spanish is being reduced to nouns around the house and what I like to call infinitive talking…ugh! I did play two games at the dinner table with the kids lately that were fun, of course my kids are still young enough to do this.
    Game #1: Qué dice…el gato, el chivo, la jirafa…that last one’s hard :)
    Game #2 Quién quiere…..helado, cien dólares, un chicotito (spanking…jijiji)? I love this one.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog today looking for a recipe for sopa de frijoles. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed going through your blog, really fun, funny and real. I’m a Salvadoran male, married to a beautiful and wonderful Honduran lady. I’ve lived in the US for so long that i have assimilated strongly to gringo culture but cannot (and would not) let go of my roots. I’ve often found that I sometimes see my original roots and culture through an American lens, but always find so much to love.

    Great blog! Keep it coming. All the best, G

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, G., and good for you hanging onto your roots. It isn’t always easy to balance, but it’s a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy the best of both cultures. Saludos to you and your wife!

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