Conversations at Casa López – Part 6

Here we go – my family’s most recent “bilingual moments” and funny conversations. (Be sure to share your recent funny conversations in comments!)

Tracy: Mejor el perro malo que conoces que el perro que no conoces.

– Tracy mixing up the dicho “Más vale lo malo conocido que lo bueno por conocer.”

Carlos: “Tracy, why are you talking so loud? You’re like a vieja tamalera. ”

– Carlos when I was apparently talking too loud early in the morning

13 year old son: How do you say ‘pig’ in Spanish?

Tracy: Cerdo.

13 year old son: … But I thought it was ‘cuche’?

(“Cuche” is Salvadoran slang for pig.)

Tracy: The boys both need new earbuds again.

Carlos: Again? Both of them?

Tracy: Yeah… Hey, is there a Salvadoran Spanish word for someone who always breaks or loses things?

Carlos: Yeah, irresponsables.

13 year old son: You’re always watching that.

Tracy:: [shrugs] I like it and they always play re-runs.

13 year old son: But you never finish it. Is “La Fea Más Bella” a series or a movie?

Carlos: It’s a soap opera.

13 year old son: What’s that?

Tracy: A telenovela.

13 year old son: Oh. Why didn’t you just say that?

Tracy: ¿Estas tortillas son hechas de harina o de trigo?

Carlos’s friend: Maíz.

[I was trying to ask if they were flour or corn tortillas but for some reason I stupidly asked if they were tortillas made from wheat or flour – which is the same thing. Basically, “Are these flour tortillas or flour tortillas?”]

Carlos: I got everything we need to make the Smurfs.

Tracy: S’mores.

Carlos: Oh, right. Smurfs are pitufos.


  1. So funny…I love these conversations. Can you hold verano de español at my house this summer? My Spanish is being reduced to nouns around the house and what I like to call infinitive talking…ugh! I did play two games at the dinner table with the kids lately that were fun, of course my kids are still young enough to do this.
    Game #1: Qué dice…el gato, el chivo, la jirafa…that last one’s hard :)
    Game #2 Quién quiere…..helado, cien dólares, un chicotito (spanking…jijiji)? I love this one.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog today looking for a recipe for sopa de frijoles. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed going through your blog, really fun, funny and real. I’m a Salvadoran male, married to a beautiful and wonderful Honduran lady. I’ve lived in the US for so long that i have assimilated strongly to gringo culture but cannot (and would not) let go of my roots. I’ve often found that I sometimes see my original roots and culture through an American lens, but always find so much to love.

    Great blog! Keep it coming. All the best, G

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, G., and good for you hanging onto your roots. It isn’t always easy to balance, but it’s a beautiful thing to be able to enjoy the best of both cultures. Saludos to you and your wife!

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