Comida Salvadoreña (Poster Giveaway!)

Do you guys remember around the holidays I shared my gift guide here which includes an awesome Cuban food poster created by Marta of My Big Fat Cuban Family? Well, Marta is actually someone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face years ago and she was so thrilled that I loved her Cuban food poster that she contacted me with an idea for a collaboration. Her idea? A Comida SALVADOREÑA poster!

So I created a list of all my favorite Salvadoran foods and narrowed it down to the ones I felt were most important to include (because it was way too many to fit!) Once I provided the list of foods, Marta worked her creative magic and designed the poster! Here’s the one she sent me. I’m still trying to decide if I want it in my kitchen or dining room.

Salvadoran food poster

comida salvadorena poster

Want your own COMIDA SALVADOREÑA poster? The poster is available HERE in Marta’s online shop in standard sizes to make framing it super easy: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20.

And Marta is generously offering one for giveaway to one of my readers, so enter below for your chance to win!


Giveaway Details

Prize description: One lucky winner will receive a COMIDA SALVADOREÑA poster in the size of their choice. Sizes available are: 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20.

How to enter: Just leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Salvadoran food is. (Please read official rules below before entering.)

Official Rules: No purchase necessary. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. You must be able to provide a U.S. address for prize shipment. Your name and address will only be shared with the person responsible for prize fulfillment for that purpose. Please no P.O. Boxes. One entry per household. Make sure that you enter a valid email address in the email address field so you can be contacted if you win. Winner will be selected at random. Winner has 24 hours to respond. If winner does not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected at random. Giveaway entries are being accepted between May 28, 2015 through June 4th, 2015. Entries received after June 4th, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST, will not be considered. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. If you win, by accepting the prize, you are agreeing that assumes no liability for damages of any kind. By entering your name below you are agreeing to these Official Rules. Void where prohibited by law.

Buena suerte / Good luck!


  1. No soy salvadoreña, pero las pupusas, el chorizo y los frijoles. OMG love them.
    maybe because pupusas are almost the same has gorditas, and believe me being mexican you eat a lot of gorditas.

  2. Love it all but my absolute favorite is Chile Relleno….yuca con pepeshca o chicharrón, tamales, pupusas, casamiento, plátanos en gloria , sopa de frijoles, sopa de olla, nuegados……..

  3. PUPUSAS! Esp the homemade Pupusas that my mother in law makes. Second in line are Salvadorian enchiladas. Yumms!

  4. In our house we love Salvadorean food! We eat pupusas (especialmente las revueltas, queso y lorocco) almost on a weekly basis and platanos fritos with frijoles molidos, eggs, queso y crema all the time! Yum!

  5. I don’t mean to sound plain/obvious, but I really love pupusas – of all kinds but I actually love the curtido y salsa even more… I always mix the leftover curtido and salsa and just eat it like a salad. :)

  6. Mi comida salvadoreña favorita?…el desayuno típico: huevito y plátanos fritos, casamiento, queso, crema, aguacate y pan francés calentito. Estoy recién casada, dos salvadoreños viviendo en VA pero desayunando eso todos los fines de semana (excepto el pan francés que no es tan fácil de encontrar acá jajaja).

  7. I am Puerto Rican, my fiancé is salvadoreño. We enjoy going to a few restaurant Ricons occasionally. We usually enjoy papusas con loroco/ chicharon / revuelta/ frijoles y tamales de gallina. Home made tortillas with frijoles and crema. Kids love the tamales de elote with crema. We always buy the queso duro for traditional breakfast at home. I even know how to make relajo for special occasions and my specialty quesadilla. Tastes great fresh. Hope to win. God bless

  8. Me encantan las pupusas. Con loroco. De Frijol con Queso. Y después en orden, el tamal de elote, la semit de piña, el pan con chumpe, el desayuno típico, la tortilla con limón y sal, el tamal dulce, el chile relleno, la sopa de gallina, el casamiento, los nuegados, la horchata, el pescado frito, y finalmente, el gallo en chicha. Me muero de hambre! ❤️

  9. Hi was born in ES but grew up here, so the only food I know how to cook is Salvadorean food, good thing my hubby is Salvi too since he loves my Rellenos de Huisquil and my Quesadilla. I love Repopollo which is a cabbage salad with chicken but since no one seems to know the name, not even my grandma I named it like that. My kids favorite too 😀

  10. Mi esposo es Salvadoreño, and I am half German/half Japanese. I love pupusas and learned how to make pupusas, but when we went to El Salvador there was a street stand selling riguas, and they were so, so, so, so, so… Deliciosa :) Tambien, me gusta…pan dulce con cafecito, especialmente quesadilla, y empanadas con frijol o creme…mmm!

  11. ¡Hola! A mi me encantas las pupusas, leche poleada, las empanadas, pastelitos… Hmm… Y yuca sancochada.

  12. Nunca he conocido a nadie que haya probado las pupusas y que no les haya encantado inmediatamente. …. Realmente son un invento Guanaco del que estar super orgullosos!

  13. Mis padres y mi esposo son de El Salvador, y a todos nos encantan las pupusas! Tambien nos encanta los pastelitos de carne, platanos con frijol y crema….hay tantas cosas que nos gusta que hasta hambre me dio ya! Jaja.

  14. Pupusas with curtido is one my favorite dishes. Craving them extra since I’m carrying another little Salvadoran!

  15. Donde empeza toda nuestra comida es deliciosa, panes con gallina, pupusas con loroco mmm delis, un delicioso coctel de conchas, yuca con chicharron o pescaditas, pastelitos, riguas ya me dio hambre quiero una de cada una!!!!

  16. A mi me encantan panes con pavo , las pupusas de atore, el atol de elote y las empanadas de plátano con leche. Me acuerdo cuando iba a visitar a mi abuelita y había una señora que todos los días pasaba vendiendo comida. Me compraba de todo! Me comía hasta 5 empanadas. Antes de mudarnos a los EU hicimos todo lo posible para que mi hijo , ahora de 16 años probara la comida típica de su país. Íbamos a hacer fila la colonia San Luis para esperar a una señora de que una esquina vendía atol de elote y pi burla, tamales y empanadas, y de paso el carretón de la minuta a la par. Esa es una de las cosas que el más recuerda de su infancia, no importa que comiéramos sentados en la calle.
    Cuando viene mi suegra a visitarnos pasamos todos consentidos con tanta comida que trae de allá y cuando nos cocina. Espero yo poder hacer lo mismo con cuando tenga mis nietos :)

  17. My favorite Salvadoran food is desayuno tipico. Frijoles volteados, crema, huevos, platanos fritos, pan Frances, y queso!

  18. I love platanos fritos, but I have to say my favorite are Pupusas de frijol con queso de maiz (with a pile of curtido). I am currently living above a Pupuseria and they will slide the pupusas through the fence so I don´t have to even leave my front door to get pupusas! They laugh at me when I eat there because I bring my own hot sauce to put on them. I am returning to the states soon and will probably have Pupusa withdrawls…

  19. Although I was born and raised in the U.S. my parents made sure I was intune with my Salvadoran culture, food especially. I grew up with pupusas, tamales de pollo, sopa de mariscos, rigua, arroz con leche, sopa de res and ceviche de conchas negras.

    If I had to pick just one food it would have to be pupusas. Nothing else compares to me. I might love so many other ethnic foods but pupusas will always be #1. Cheese, pork, beans, what more could you want?

  20. My hubby is Salvadoran and I have had the opportunity to try many dishes. Of course I love pupusas de queso, but I am going to say panes rellenos (open face chicken sandwiches) are my favorite!

  21. I would have to say that Panes Rellenos is my favorite Salvadoran food, although sopa de pescado calzado is really good as well lol

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