Playlist: Paz


Image source: Flickr user Chris JL

During the month of December, blogueras Romina of Mamá XXI and Laura of Mamá Especial Cuenta Conmigo are posting messages of peace on their blogs and social media channels as part of the #MamisPorLaPAZ initiative they created.

You can read more about it here but I decided to contribute at least one post to the cause by creating this playlist for peace.

What song or video that fits the theme of “paz” would you add to this list? Share in comments! (And feel free to join initiative on your own blogs and social media channels.)

Juanes – Odio Por Amor

Natalia LaFourcade – Un Derecho de Nacimiento

UNFPA El Salvador – Yo Decido Vivir en Paz

Espinoza Paz – Si Amas a Dios

Señor Tenga – Mensaje de Paz

Playing for Change – United

Julieta Venegas – Un Poco De Paz

Juanes – Paz, Paz, Paz

A few videos (not songs) worth watching:

Naciones Unidas El Salvador – También soy persona

Unsung Hero – TVC Thai Life Insurance

The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson


  1. Hi Tracy, I came across your website by chance this evening when looking for recipes using Granadian Chocobanano other than as a coating. Great website!

    • I see a good organic farmer here from Punta Gorda, Sammy and his wife do much.The people you see in the band speak at least four languages:English, Kriol, Spanish, and this beautiful Garifuna.

  2. Hi Tracy, This one was performed 7 minutes by boat from my house. I had come early to Chetumal and did not know about this event beforehand. On my way back to the muelle, it was amazing to witness such a event of over 5k people of all ages and genders…It was a message of peace and empowerment with so much energy!

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