Conversations at Casa López – Part 10

Here we go – my family’s most recent “bilingual moments” and funny conversations. (Be sure to share your recent funny conversations in comments!)

Oldest son: Your gift should arrive tomorrow because I have Amazon Prime.
Tracy: A gift for what? It’s a little early for Christmas.
Son: It’s not a Christmas gift.
Tracy: You should count it for Christmas. Don’t get me anything else.
Son: No! I’ll get you a Christmas gift, too. Just enjoy it!
Tracy: You shouldn’t waste your money. Why buy me a random gift?
Son: Because I’m the son of an immigrant! Just let me do my thing!

(Text conversation)

Tracy: Qué pasa?
Carlos: Just some advice, when you say qué pasa like that you seem mad.
Tracy: Fine. Qué pasa MI AMOR.

Tracy: He needs prayers.
Carlos: Light a candle.
Tracy: I already did.
Carlos: To who?
Tracy: What?
Carlos: To San Antonio or la Virgencita? [Both are on the family altar]
Tracy: I have to pick? Can’t they work together?

(At the grocery store)

Carlos: What is this?
Tracy: Pumpkin spice cereal.
Carlos: And this?
Tracy: Pumpkin spice donuts.
Carlos: [holds up product from the cart]
Tracy: Pumpkin spice cookies.
Carlos: [shakes his head, disappointed] You’re out of control.

Carlos: Where is my lapicero?
Tracy: Your what?
Carlos: Lapicero
Tracy: La pizero? What the heck is that?
Carlos: No, lapicero… My… Pin.
Tracy: What pin? What in the world are you talking about?
Carlos: Found it! *Holds up a pen*
Tracy: That’s a PEN.
Carlos: That’s what I said.

Carlos: What’s the name of the hair salon?
Tracy: Utopia.
Carlos: Why they call it that? Is that where the owner’s from?
Tracy: What? (laughing) How can they be from Utopia? It doesn’t exist.
Carlos: Yes, it does. In Africa.
Tracy: That’s Ethiopia!

(In the car, on our way to dropping youngest son at violin practice)

Carlos: (Speaking Spanish quietly) Después que lo dejamos, qué quieres comer?
Tracy: (Speaking Spanish quietly) Um, Cinco Tipos?
Carlos: What?
Tracy: (Making eye contact) Cinco Tipos… you know?
Youngest son: (Not even looking up from texting in the backseat) You can just say it in English. I know you’re going to Five Guys without me.


  1. I swear I was just thinking about you the other day! So glad you posted. The Utopia one made me laugh! Espero que todos esten muy bien!

  2. Long time not hearing from you girl😎☺😂yo soy Carlos too from el salvador Greetings Stacy ,Carlos and sons
    I hope one day you can accepts to Jesus Christ as your Savior ,the ONLY way to go to Heaven.I just wanted to share this feelings with you guys😊

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